What your visitor biscuit says about you.

You’re on your way to a friend’s house, you’re buying biscuits to share round the office or you’ve got the family coming over and you’ve ran to the shops.

Buying biscuits is not an easy feat. Whether you’re the panicker who just grabs them and runs, the indecisive one who stands and looks at 10 choices for 20 minutes but buys the first choice anyway, or the savvy one who buys which ever one is on offer, here’s what your choice says about you:


A bit of a random choice, unless you’re a diehard Scottish person, or have watched Braveheart a few too many times. It’s probably likely that you’re regifting this from an old Christmas hamper, or that the local shop has put this down to 50p and you’ve gone for the “bargain” webové stránky společnosti. You definitely have a stingy streak, but have still gone out of your way to buy biscuits so we suppose a bit thoughtful too.

Jammie dodger:

A big kid at heart, you just can’t resist the jammie biscuit with the love heart on top. In fact, these aren’t even your first choice – you only bought these because your local didn’t sell BNs (doo-doo-doo-doo-doo). You have strong relationships and are still close with many of your childhood friends and make time to see your family. You wear your heart on your sleeve, as well as on your biscuit choice.


Really? Digestives? There’s playing it safe and then there’s this. You’re keen to be everyone’s friend, and love to talk about the weather, your 2 cats and your neighbors putting their wheely bins out extra loudly. Your idea of wild is putting cheese (yes, cheese!) on your digestive and eating it after 9pm… you go, you rogue digestive eater, you.

Rich tea:

A reasonably safe choice, many will scoff these if you bring them. Your heart’s in the right place, but you can be a bit unreliable. You seem strong, sturdy and trustworthy… but the minute you’re in hot water (tea) you bail and leave your friends hanging. It’s OK though, you always get a second chance and are given another dunk try.

Party ring:

The wild card who never says no to a tequila shot. First to suggest “just one more drink”, you love to party and everyone knows it. If you bring these on your visits, they’re not just a biscuit, they’re a hint that this catch-up needs more than just tea to it. You love a good time, and are well liked by many.

Jaffa Cake:

Oooh, the troublemaker. Although you’re a softie really, you love a bit of controversy and are always up for a heated debate. A confident speaker, you probably bring Jaffa Cakes and eagerly look around the room wondering who’ll crack and ask the question first…

PS: IT’S NOT A CAKE (sorry, couldn’t resist)


The chocolate choice for when you don’t want to splash the cash. It’s not even really chocolate is it – more like a brown biscuit. A solid dunker and a general crowd pleaser, you love a good gossip with these and a cuppa, and jump at the opportunity to have a good whinge about the latest drama or work annoyance.

Pink wafer:

A fun choice, a bit adventurous but still well received. You like to think of yourself as a bit of a detective, you’re the friend that gets asked to do some research on your Ex’s new girlfriend to see what she’s like and you can find out her favourite colour and hair stylist in 0.5 seconds.

P.s. Where does the Pink Panther live? – Durham


A bit of a slob, you’re not phased by bringing hobnobs to the gathering and getting approximately 10,435,251 crumbs on the carpet. You leave your washing to reach the ceiling before you think about doing laundry, and your idea of dusting is when you accidently brush your arm over a solid surface. Loved nonetheless, your friends can see past your imperfections and appreciate your good qualities.

Fig roll:

Let’s be honest, if you’re bringing fig rolls to the party, you can’t have many friends.

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