What are the Best Biscuits for Dunking?

Like many other biscuit-lovers, we love dunking our biscuits into tea, coffee and milk! Dunking can enhance your biscuit experience as this releases the flavour, by dissolving the sugars and softening the texture. However, some biscuits can be considered better than others in terms of their ‘dunkability’. This refers to a biscuit’s ability to hold it’s shape or not when dunked into a beverage.

Researchers put the most popular biscuits to the test by dunking them into water set at the average temperature of a cup of tea which is between 70C and 75C. They then recorded how long it took each biscuit to break apart and the number of dunks that the biscuits could last.

The top scorer was The Jaffa Cake, which can be viewed as contraversial! The Jaffa Cake won with an impressive score of 116 dunks and 3 minutes and 16 seconds before breaking. This brings forward the age old debate within the biscuit community of whether the Jaffa Cake is a biscuit or if it should be considered a cake. Let us know your thoughts!

Coming in at second place was the Chocolate Leibniz biscuit, which lasted 80 dunks. The Bourbon biscuit took third place with a score of 78 dunks.

Dunk Digestive Biscuit

A classic fan-favourite, the Digestive biscuit took the last place spot. The Digestive lasted only 6 dunks and 11.5 seconds before breaking apart.

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Jenny Lyall

Jenny Lyall