The Top 20 Mistakes When Making Coffee

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Are you one of those people that won’t let anyone else make them a brew? Well you’re not alone! A recent study of 2000 adults concluded that just under 50% of people would rather not having anything at all then let someone else make them their morning cuppa…

The same study also found that 23% of adults need their coffee to be “absolutely perfect” before they’ll drink it, and 14% consider themselves to be coffee making experts. Other results from the study show that over a fifth of adults would be happy to tell someone if the coffee that had made was awful – I’m not so sure this study was conducted in Britain.

Perhaps the most surprising result from this study was that 14% of participants stated that they’d had a falling out with someone over a bad cup of coffee. We’d understand falling out over being served a fig roll but not a cup of coffee!

Here are the top 20 “mistakes” other people might make when prepping your coffee:

  1. Making it too watery
  2. Making it too strong
  3. Putting too much milk in
  4. Adding sugar/ not adding sugar based on my preference
  5. Making it too cold
  6. Using a cup or mug which is too small
  7. Making it far too hot
  8. Using the wrong milk e.g., oat milk in instant coffee
  9. Not mixing it together enough
  10. Only using instant coffee
  11. Adding flavoured syrups
  12. Putting in a glass or mug with no handle
  13. Over-steeping the coffee
  14. Burning the coffee beans
  15. Putting it in a glass
  16. Giving caffeinated instead of decaffeinated
  17. Using stale beans
  18. Making it too frothy
  19. Adding chocolate on top of a cappuccino
  20. Using tap water instead of spring water


Most of these seem quite reasonable, however I’ve never seen or heard of anyone making coffee with a bottle of spring water. I suppose it could be a thing in areas which have hard water, but surely you’d save money just picking up a filter…

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