The 5 benefits of The Biscuit Baron Subscription

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Hello Biscuit Barons!

Here we have presented a list of the benefits of having a Biscuit Baron subscription, just in case you needed any more convincing!

1. Try Something New

The Biscuit Baron box offers something new every single month with biscuits from a mystery country. This gives you the chance to try new flavours that you can’t get at your local shop! Why would you not want to treat your taste buds to something different? This element of surprise has been found to be many people’s favourite part of having a subscription box service, it’s like getting a gift to yourself in the post every month.

2. The Perfect Gift is a Subscription Box

The Biscuit Baron box makes for a unique gift idea whether that be for a birthday, seasonal event or a ‘just because’ present. You can also personalise your box with a voice message to be played when the box opens. You can even add a gift note to be enclosed in your box with a personal written message to whoever you are sending the box to. Additionally, many people buy subscription deals for their loved ones, for the gift that keeps on giving.

3. Educational

Our boxes can be educational and a perfect way to bring the family together! We have launched children’s activity packs, which can be added at checkout. This includes a children’s booklet that is fun and educational to work through. Plus, your first box in this deal includes a free puzzle book and pencils. This makes for the perfect activity for your children during these summer months to keep them busy on rainy days! All of our boxes also include a magazine with a scorecard and information about the selected country. This is a great thing to work through with others, as it creates conversations and opinions about the biscuits.

4. Something for Everyone

We try to include something for everyone in our boxes with a range of different flavours where possible. This means that if someone is picky, then hopefully they will be able to find something they enjoy! Also, if you enjoy a particular biscuit that you’ve had in a box, keep an eye on our shop as it may pop up on there to be available to be individually purchased.

5. Subscription boxes are Made for Sharing

They are a great way to connect with others. This might be in the office, at home or with friends! However, they can definitely still be enjoyed alone without sharing (we’re not judging). Treat yourself people!

Overall, The Biscuit Baron subscription is a joy to have all round! Let us know what your favourite part about having a subscription is and if there is anything you’d like to see in the future.

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Jenny Lyall

Jenny Lyall