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Hot Cross Buns Tea

New Hot Cross Buns Tea available in Sainsburys!

This Easter, Sainsburys has brought out a new, festive product for the lovers of hot cross buns. Combining the sweet treat and a cosy classic they have created a flavoured tea to resemble the taste of these sticky buns.

hot cross buns with tea

You can buy this flavoured tea now, in most Sainsburys UK shops and online for just £1. What a bargain for such a unique product!

This product is unfortunately likely to be limited edition, as it is an Easter special after all! Therefore, we would recommend getting your hands on this as soon as possible and to stock up – just in case.

It’s not your usual black tea, this is actually a rooibos tea which has a lighter flavour than black tea – with no caffeine and low tannins. This tea also has the below flavours included to help recreate the hot cross bun flavours:

  • Apple
  • Cassia
  • Orange
  • Elderberries
  • Lemon Peel
  • Chicory Root

If flavoured tea isn’t your thing, Sainsburys have also got regular packets of hot cross buns on sale now also priced at £1 for a packet of 6 buns.

Let us know when you get a chance to try this tea – maybe even alongside a Biscuit Baron biscuit!

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Read All About Our Portuguese Box


October’s box sees us travel to Portugal, well-known for its port, football and Pastéis de Nata (egg custard tarts!). With a wealth of history and culture, what you may not know much about are Portugal’s biscuits! Read below to see what we selected to go into our Portugal box.

Nacional Max Strawberry Wafers

These wafers were a surprising texture! The wafer texture differed slightly from biscuits we’re used to here in the UK. Mixed with the creamy straw berry filling, we think the flavouring is reminiscent of a straw berry ice cream cone. The brand Nacional is extremely popular in Portugal, priding itself on Portuguese ingredients as per their slogan “O que e Nacional e bom” – what is national is good!

Diatosta Whole Wheat Toast

These twice baked rusk-like toasts are another item that would have been popular amongst sailors and travellers due to their ability to remain unspoilt for long periods of time. These toasts go extremely well with the topping of your choice – sweet or savoury. We tried these with the options of jam and cream cheese and both made for a delicious snack. Keep an eye out for our blog on recommended toppings!

Cuetara Ricanela Biscuits

These extremely moreish biscuits are light and, crispy with a cinnamon flavour throughout. With a sprinkling of sugar on top they are a delicious sweet treat. A firm favourite at The Biscuit Baron HQ! Slightly reminiscent of Christmas thanks to the spice used, cinnamon is actually a very popular flavouring in Portugal – and is actually used often in savoury dishes such as stews.

Bolacha Belga tipo Caseiro

Belga translates into English as Belgian and these crisp biscuit takes its inspiration from just there. Featuring the waffling texture most accustomed to Belgium and Holland although normally softer these crisp biscuits go well with any hot drink of choice. Not too sweet they make a great option if you fancy a light tea accompaniment but nothing too sickly.

Bolacha de Água e Sal

Translating as Water and Salt these water biscuits have a long history mostly favoured with sailors due to their ability to travel long distances without spoiling. These are popular in Portugal today and is perhaps an added homage to Portugal’s successful maritime history with the added sea salt ingredient.

What did you think of Portugal’s biscuit selection? Let us know – share your score card on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

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