Exciting Summer Holiday Activities Ideas with World Biscuit Hampers

the biscuit baron hamper. biscuit gifts - unique gift idea - biscuits from around the world. Summer holiday activities ideas

Summer holidays present the perfect opportunity for families to engage in fun and summer holiday activities ideas that keep kids entertained and away from screens. One delightful option that brings joy to children and parents alike is The Biscuit Baron biscuit hampers.

Packed with an assortment of delicious international biscuits, during the summer holidays, these hampers come with a free kids activity booklet, puzzle books, and colored pencils. Just use the code “SCHOOL” at checkout. In this blog, we’ll take a look at this unique gift as one of the perfect summer holiday activities ideas. Ensuring a memorable and enjoyable break for the whole family!

Unwrapping Fun with The Biscuit Baron

Unwrapping a Biscuit Baron hamper is like embarking on a mini adventure and offers the perfect option for summer holiday activities ideas. Each hamper is filled with a variety of biscuits from different countries, and offers a taste of global flavors right at home. Discover new flavours, styles, packaging and textures from around the world.

So the excitement is clear as soon as the box is opened. Children can explore the unique treats and learn about the origins of each biscuit through the included magazine. This not only makes snack time more enjoyable but also educational.

Alongside the magazine, during the summer will include an exclusive activity book (with code ‘school’) which lets children really think about the box, their favourite biscuit, and the country it’s from. The accompanying puzzle books and coloured pencils provide extra fun, allowing kids to engage in creative activities. This means whole experience of unwrapping and discovering the contents of the hamper can be a delightful way to kick off the summer holidays, setting the tone for a season full of fun and learning.

the biscuit baron hamper. biscuit gifts - unique gift idea - biscuits from around the world. Summer holiday activities ideas

Engaging Kids with Activity Booklets

The activity book offers fun and learning. Whether asking kids to draw the flag of the country, to choosing the biscuit that makes the most crumbs, or even recalling the famous landmarks! This book really lets them get involved and think about the biscuits and where they are from around the world.

As children work through the booklet, they learn about different cultures and traditions associated with each biscuit, expanding their horizons while enjoying their treats. The activities are simple enough for younger children to enjoy independently, yet challenging enough to keep older kids entertained. This blend of fun and learning ensures that kids remain engaged and intellectually stimulated. And so helps turning an ordinary snack time into an exciting experience.

the biscuit baron hamper. biscuit gifts - unique gift idea - biscuits from around the world. Summer holiday activities ideas

Creative Summer Holiday Activities Ideas

Puzzle Books for Brainy Fun

Puzzle books are also included in The Biscuit Baron hampers with your activity booklet – perfect for keeping young minds active during the summer holidays. These books feature a range of puzzles, from crosswords and word searches to Sudoku and mazes. Each puzzle will be both entertaining and challenging, stimulating critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

As kids work through the puzzles, they not only have fun but also gets them thinking. The sense of accomplishment they feel upon completing each puzzle boosts their confidence and encourages a positive attitude towards learning. These puzzle books can be enjoyed individually or as a family activity. This makes them a versatile addition to any summer holiday plan. Whether at home or on a trip, the puzzle books provide a portable source of brainy fun, ensuring kids stay engaged and entertained.

Art Time with Coloured Pencils

The Biscuit Baron hampers also come equipped with coloured pencils, inviting children to dive into the world of art.

Art time can be a wonderful way to keep kids entertained and help them express their creativity. With the coloured pencils provided children can bring the activity booklet’s illustrations to life or create their own masterpieces on blank paper. And so, the pencils really allow this – from doodling, to drawing their favourite biscuit!

This artistic activity encourages fine motor skills development and enhances hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it provides a calming and focused outlet for kids, making it a perfect break from more energetic activities.

What’s more, parents can join in the fun, turning it into a bonding experience! The whole family can share their artistic talents and create lasting memories together. These simple yet effective tools ensure that kids have a creative outlet to keep them engaged and happy throughout the summer holidays.

Free coloured pencils with activity pack - summer holiday activities ideas
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