Shipping Schedule 2023

Due to our increasing number of subscribers we are having to implement a new shipping schedule for 2023. Since we launched we have always aimed to send our boxes out on the 15th of each month. When this has not been possible, we have sent the boxes on the next available date taking into account weekends and bank holidays.

As the business has scaled this has caused more problems as logistically we have had to stagger some collections to suit that of our delivery partner. To minimise any confusion and any unexpected delays we have agreed a set of collection dates for 2023 in advance. This means that our boxes, and your biscuits, will be given priority as these are booked in advance. Please see below for the necessary dates

MonthCollection Window
January 202320/01/2023 – 24/01/2023
February 202315/02/2023 – 17/02/2023
March 202315/03/2023 – 17/03/2023
April 202314/04/2023 – 18/04/2023
May 202315/05/2023 – 17/05/2023
June 202315/06/2023 – 19/06/2023
July 202317/07/2023 – 19/07/2023
August 202315/08/2023 – 19/08/2023
September 202315/09/2023 – 19/09/2023
October 202316/10/2023 – 18/10/2023
November 202315/10/2023 – 17/10/2023
December 202311/12/2023 – 15/12/2023

When signing up to a new subscription you will still have the option to start immediately, and receive your first box within 5 working days but all subsequent boxes will be sent as above. If this is not suitable, please reach out to customer service who can see if an arrangement can be made.

We thank you for your understanding and patience with this.

The Biscuit Baron

Fraser McIntyre

Fraser McIntyre

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