Salted Caramel Twix Bars Released – After high demand from customers!

After a long wait, a new version of the original chocolate that we all know and love is here. Hopeful chocolate fans have been tweeting the creators of Twix for months. The people wanted a salted caramel version of their favourite bar, and they got it!

Salted Caramel Twix

The bar is very similar to the original, the only difference is the normal caramel sitting between the biscuit and milk chocolate will be replaced with salted caramel. A new twist to answer the much-needed demands of chocolate-lovers on social media.

Salted caramel alternatives of Kit Kat Chunky and M&Ms already exist, meaning the Twix was obviously next in line to join the trend.

The new bars have been found on sale in Co-op stores by customers, but are only available to buy in the ‘xtra’ version which cost £1 rather than the usual 60p site. However, due to the bigger size, it’s a price we can afford to pay!

To make news even better, The Sun has also stated that the new version even comes in at fewer calories than the normal size pack at just 224.

The social media fans who were a key part in bringing this idea to life will be more than pleased. One said: “When will salted caramel Twix be available in the UK, I NEED to know!”

A second also argued: “OK living in a world without salted caramel Twix sucks. @Twix respond or I’ll commit an unspeakable horror.”

These bars are available in most Co-op stores in the UK from here on. Let us know when you get a chance to grab one!

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