Read all about our September Box!                            

Read all about our September Box!                            

February 19, 2018 previous boxes 0
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We wanted to start The Biscuit Barons journey somewhere familiar but somewhere that would also let you experience an unique flavour and taste a selection of delicious biscuits you may have never tried before! Italy being the home of good food and coffee, seemed like the natural choice!

When choosing our biscuits, we tried to select flavours which would transport your taste buds to Italy itself so we included Biscotto (The Italian word for biscuits) bursting with traditional almond, lemon and olive flavours. Flavours which we think are the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of Italian coffee.

Here is the rundown of the exciting biscuits packed into our first box:

Tenerezze Limone Mulino Bianco 

When we picked these, we imagined ourselves sitting outside a little cafe in the Italian sun, sipping a cappuccino and delving into these delicate little lemon biscuits. These are probably our favourite in the box and if you haven’t quite got that image from looking at them, wait till you try them!

Biscottone Cantucini Cioccolat

Although the modern version of this biscuit is from Tuscany, these twice baked goods can be traced back to Ancient roman times where they were carried by travellers and soldiers alike for long journeys. We can sum them up in two words, delightfully moreish!

Amaretti Balocco

Amaretti have been around since the 17th Century and have been a classic Italian biscuit ever since. We love the way these bite size biscuits melt in the mouth and give a wonderful burst of almond flavour.

Sfoglie Olive Olivia & Marino 

We weren’t sure what to expect with these. We hoped that the olive flavour would be distinct and we were not disappointed! We loved snacking on these with some cream cheese and a sneaky glass of wine in the evening.


Ringo Tubo Vaniglia 

Do you Ringo? We certainly do now! This is the catch phrase coined for these fun-filled sandwich biscuits created in 1967. We think these are great for sharing with all the family including those young at heart adults.

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