Read all about our Italian box!

Read all about our Italian box!

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September sees us move to Italy. Home to many incredible structures, history but most importantly food – we were therefore guaranteed some good biscuits! Let’s see what our September box had in store.


A flavour which translates as “a little bitter” and can be found throughout Italy usually by the name “biscotti da credenza” which is a phrase meaning biscuits that can be left out on the kitchen sideboard for a long time. They were traditionally wrapped in individual small paper ties which would be set alight after eaten to symbolise a wish. Commonly served alongside an espresso or black coffee in which they are to be dunked.


Taralli are small ring-shaped products with twisted ends typical of southern regions of Italy. In these regions, an aperitif must be served with taralli, olives and vegetables in oil. Originating as a salty product there are many sweet versions produced around holidays such as Christmas and Easter. We have provided a flavour synonymous with Italy – Pizza!


Described by the bakers of Italy as a fragrant and crumbly short pastry containing a tender filling of velvety lemon cream, to give life to an irresistible biscuit. These soft, lemon biscuits remind us of the centre of a Bakewell tart, but lemon flavoured! Very moreish, and a wonderful treat with a cappuccino.


Typically eaten as a breakfast biscuit alongside a glass of milk these Pan Di Stelle (“Starry Bread”) were one of the first biscuits produced by the Mulino Bianco brand. They are a chocolate pastry biscuit made with cocoa and hazelnuts, decorated with sugar stars, with the idea of representing the night sky of the Italian countryside.


Constructed under the guidance of paediatricians and dieticians, Ringos were aimed at children and teenagers and designed to provide energy but not be heavy to eat. They take their form today as a two-toned filled biscuits following a visit to America where a growing trend of teenagers were taking inspiration from. This also resulted in the now iconic tubular shape.


Millefoglie is a multilayered pastry similar to the French Mille-feuille and our vanilla slice, and are often sandwiched or topped with a sweet filling. In Italy, they are common as savoury items and are frequently enjoyed in a version consisting of pastry layers with spinach and cheese or pesto. We have provided a plain buttered version for you to enjoy on their own or with a topping of your choice.

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