Read all about our October Box

Read all about our October Box

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Welcome to your October Biscuit Baron Box! This month we head to China, one of the most densely populated countries in the world and the home of tea, Tai Chi and Feng Shui. When you think of China, most people don’t automatically think of biscuits which is why we were so excited to sample some of the goodies popular in this country. We definitely recommend making yourself comfy and sitting down with a cup of Chinese tea for this box!

Fortune Cookies,

The origin of these instantly recognisable cookies is something that has been heavily debated throughout the years. Despite it being unlikely that they are a Chinese tradition (There is in fact no direct translation in the Chinese language), they have become an iconic desert in Chinese Restaurants across the world. Encased in each of these cookies is that small white piece of paper which has your ultimate destiny on it! It’s no surprise that ours informed us that we will be travelling and eating more biscuits.

Garden Wafers

The company who makes these delicious strawberry wafers was founded in 1926 by two cousins, Tse Fong Cheung and Wah O. Wong. As well as making biscuits they also specialise in bread which they supplied to the Chinese Army during World War 2. We have tried similar biscuits in the UK but love the distinct strawberry flavour that these wafers offer.

Hello Panda- Matcha Tea flavour

Although not produced in China these adorable biscuit characters are widely popular in the area. With the origin of all tea being from China, matcha tea flavoured ones seemed like a natural choice for our box and we couldn’t wait to try them! Matcha tea which translates as powdered green tea is believed to have been developed by Japanese Buddhists who brought the tea back from China and prepared it as part of their rituals. What we want to know is whether the health benefits of this tea still count if it is in biscuit form…

Egg Rolls

This sweet egg roll is nothing like what you would expect. Each roll of flaky goodness has a melt in your mouth crumbly texture. This biscuit can often be found being made along the road side in certain regions of China and is usually made with only 4 basic ingredients! We found that these were not great for dunking in tea so decided to dunk ours in melted chocolate instead which we thought was a match made in heaven.

Pejoy- Cheese Cake flavour

Light, Crispy and sweet, we just couldn’t put down these tube-shaped biscuits! The hint of cream cheese wrapped in a sweet shell is strong enough to really get a taste of cheese cake without overpowering it. At The Biscuit Baron we love to mix things up and paired these up with a big bowl of ice cream which instantly jazzed up our after dinner desert.

Want Want Rice Crackers

This month’s savoury option saw us choose a very unique flavoured rice cracker. We had tasted many others and found them to be rather bland but this cannot be said about these strong flavoured crackers. These light and airy snacks that hint at a taste of the orient, are both hot and spicy and have a slight BBQ note. We replaced our usual prawn crackers with these and found them to be a refreshing change which added a new depth to our Chinese takeaway.

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