Read all about our Pakistani box!

Read all about our Pakistani box!

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November’s box sees us travel to Pakistan, a country with rich cultural heritage and home to some amazing food. Sharing a culinary influence with Northern India, Pakistan is home to some incredible curries as well as some top sweet dishes such as Faluda. Faluda contains a rich combination of ice cream, flavored milk, jelly, and colorful vermicelli is perfect for a hearty and filling dessert. The brightly coloured vermicelli also makes it very Instagram-able!

Moving towards the items more likely to accompany a Pakistani Chai Tea, for our November box we provided a selection of six biscuits for you to try. Featuring some traditional packaging styles – as well as some more “Westernised” designs they also had some unique flavours suited to the region.

Rio – A branding that wouldn’t be amiss on some UK supermarket shelves.

These sandwich biscuits are made by the most popular biscuit brand in Pakistan: EBM. EBM stands for English Biscuit Manufacturer and despite the name are not marketed in the UK! These Rio biscuits were the first biscuit in Pakistan to be made with double cream making for a rich flavour. The strong vanilla taste here is reminiscent of custard or vanilla pudding!

Nan Khatai – This traditional Pakistani biscuits were incredibly moreish and would go great with an evening tea!

Nan Khatai are a traditional baked shortbread biscuit popular in Pakistan. Literally translated as “Bread Biscuit” these are a light, crumbly biscuit with a sweet, buttery taste. Introduced in 2015 from EBM, these allowed consumers to readily purchase the traditional biscuit reminiscent of many childhoods.

Mombo – It seems that every country has their own version of a sandwich biscuit and Mombo is Pakistan’s version. How does this one rate to the others?

Another popular brand in Pakistan, these Mombo biscuits by KGN are rich and really, really chocolatey! Two chocolate sandwich biscuits filled with a rich chocolate cream, we think these will be just the ticket when you need a chocolate hit!

Peanut Pista – The nutty blend that I didn’t know I needed.

Introduced in 1984 following the success of their fellow biscuit Peanut Pik – the first to introduce nuts to biscuits! – Peanut Pista are a short, crumbly biscuit with a unique blend of pistachios and peanuts. Sweet, nutty and dunkable. If you like nuts, these are for you!

Click – The most different to anything that we have tried before. A taste reminiscent of pilau rice!

The not-so-sweet option in the box this month comes in the form of the cumin flavoured Click biscuits! Slightly sweet with a very savoury aftertaste, these contain cumin seeds (or Zeera!) which are a very popular Pakistani flavour. It might just be us, but it really reminded us of pilau rice flavours! Deliciously different to what we’re used.

Jam Delight – Sweet with strawberry jam, it was always going to be a winner in our books!

Another member of the EBM family, these Jam Delight biscuits are perfect for that someone with a very sweet tooth! A light, soft vanilla flavoured biscuit topped with a sweet strawberry jam – they’re Pakistan’s answer to the Jammie Dodger popular in UK!

Where will our next adventure take us? Well it is December and with boxes arriving just before Christmas it would be improper of us to not do something festive!

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