Read All About Our Indian Box!

Read All About Our Indian Box!

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The month of March takes us to India – a country well known for its spices. You’d be forgiven, therefore, for overlooking the biscuits popular in India – but there are many! We’ve selected a few of the most popular varieties for you to try, with some surprising histories behind them too.

Sesame seeds have been used for a long time in India – and not just for snacks! Sesame is thought to have significant health benefits, and has even been noted to be used in the 6th century BC before, during and after surgery as an antiseptic! It is present here in a delicious sesame brittle! A lovely flavour of toasted sesame seeds in a crunchy, but not-too-sweet caramel.

A classic Indian flavour combination of almonds and pistachios, these biscuits are the perfect accompaniment to a British cuppa! Light, crumbly and nutty these biscuits are manufactured by one of India’s largest biscuit brands, voted in the top 100 trusted brands in India.


Extremely well-known in India, Parle biscuits are frequently noted as the largest-selling brand of biscuits in the world. The “G” in Parle G originally stood for glucose, being a sweet biscuit. Pre-independence, biscuits in India were seen as a luxury, and so Parle G were born to provide biscuits made within India, which grew significantly once independence was achieved. Over 400 million biscuits are produced a month!

Dating back to 1595 as “panis biscotus” and meaning “bread that’s been baked twice” rusks are a traditional Indian snack. Commonly dipped in tea, they are very crunchy with a mildly sweet flavour, and soak up tea or coffee brilliantly when dunked! Rusks are thought to have originated as a portable snack on naval ships, that survived well in moist conditions. The double-baked aspect means they have little moisture for bacteria to interact with and so lasted very well on long journeys.

These are a thin cracker made from several types of (gluten free!) flour. Khakhra are popular in Wester India. Similar in theory to rusks, these snacks were often used as portable food for armies travelling overseas. In traditional Indian style, these khakhras pack a punch – made with fresh green chillies and ginger. For a truly traditional experience, serve these at breakfast with chutneys and yoghurt.

A traditional brand, Britannia biscuit sales significantly increased during WWII when biscuits were in high demand. This variety is light, crumbly and indulgently buttery. A moreish biscuit, these brilliantly accompany any hot beverage! Try these with a chai latte or chai tea – a traditional Indian drink!

And speaking of tea… we’ve also included some chai tea in March’s box! A traditional blend of black tea and spices to be enjoyed with milk and sugar to taste!
We hope you enjoyed this month’s box… until next month!

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