Read all about our Greek box

Read all about our Greek box

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We travel to a country with sunnier climes than our previous box. Greece is a country known for its history, being the birthplace of the Olympics and a popular tourist destination with over 1000 islands. In fact, over 11 million people visit Greece each year (more than the countries entire population!), and so maybe one of these snacks will bring back memories of a previous holiday!

The iconic biscuit of the Papadopoulos brand which has been serving Greece for the last 96 years. A brand born out of a refugee family forced by ship to Marseille following the Asia Minor destructions. When stopping to refuel and visiting a nearby coffee shop they discovered that Greece had not yet discovered the wonders of biscuits. The following morning they “missed” their boat to Marseille and chose to stay in Greece. They set up a local bakery that has now grown into the worldwide brand that it is today – shipping to over 40 countries and 5 different continents. The Caprice biscuits are the brands most recognisable item and are enjoyed as a daily treat as well as for special occasions; often served at dinner parties frozen and accompanied with dessert.

These biscuits are a sandwich biscuit featuring a chocolate centre. Enjoyed in Greece in many delicious flavours, including chocolate, lemon, orange, strawberry, banana, and vanilla. They date back to the turn of the 20th Century where several companies brought out their own versions including a company by the name of Oreo. Much the same in design the biscuit is often stamped with that company’s logo or a design that is fitting with that brand – the Papadopoulos logo can be seen on the variety provided. Often these sandwich biscuits are larger and thinner than the ones included, which were designed to appeal to a younger market and are seen as a snack for a toddler age group and above.

Round shaped cookies are a mainstay in many countries’ biscuit repertoire but in Greece, they have a history that dates back to times when the country was occupied by Turkey. Legend has it that they were crescent-shaped during this time in deference to the Turkish flag. However, while crescent-shaped cookies can still be found, after Greece regained independence from Turkey people in many parts of the country resumed making them in thick slabs, balls or shaped like little pears. Here we present the more modern rounded cookie shape in a chocolate orange flavour. A combination that was often used in home baking products in Greece due to the abundance of citrus trees growing in families’ gardens and the need to use up the fallen fruit

Light and crisp wafers filled with Geek chocolate is an ideal snack biscuit for those pesky three o’clock stomach rumbles. These biscuits were designed in order to suppress the hunger in the late afternoon or after school. On average a Greek family eat very late at night, sometimes as late as 10 pm so these biscuits were a perfect light snack. Now found with various fillings these wafers are often designed to fit in with national events – there has previously been World Cup-themed and Olympic themed wafers where the biscuit layers were made up of the colours from the Olympic rings.

Miranda biscuits are a firm favourite with Greek mothers and were voted as the number one biscuit used as part of their children’s nutrition. This led to the company changing the slogan that they had previously used to “Miranda: The taste we grow up with!”. With the aim of combining great tastes with fond memories of childhood, Miranda biscuits are marketed to be enjoyed at any age as well as a great choice for children’s breakfast, and school snacks.  Now available in many different flavours, they are a classic flavour combination and handy size that are well recognised in Greece.

The name of these biscuits “Allatini” is also the name of a historic flour milling company founded in 1858 by Moses Allatini and his brother in Thessaloniki. Over the next few decades the company expanded, and in the 1930s the mills were the biggest in the Balkans. Despite the company changing hands many times the company still produces biscuits made with the Allatini flour to this day. These Allatini Petit-beurre biscuits were winners of the Product of the Year 2014 in the snacks category at the event  showcasing the most innovative mass market products in Greece. These biscuits make a great breakfast or quick snack and can be topped with jams or marmalades – or dunk them in your tea for a British twist!

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