Read all about our Bulgarian box

Read all about our Bulgarian box

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This month we travel to Bulgaria and try the delights they have to offer. Despite being a nation where tea isn’t extremely popular, the variety of biscuits available was vast and we hope you enjoy the varied selection we have chosen. Although we’re all about biscuits Bulgaria also has a fantastic selection of cheese! There are so many varieties of cheese on offer in
Bugaria, with some of the best being the ubiquitous “white” cheese – usually goat or sheep’s cheese. Some Bulgarians will actually argue that they “invented” feta cheese, and that the Greeks stole it from them. Try a traditional Shopska salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, and white cheese), reminiscent of a Greek salad!

Bulgaria’s history stretches back  thousands of years – further back than communism, the Ottomans, and even the Romans. The ancient Roman influence on
Bulgaria can still be found in many of the countries cities, though. You’ll find Roman baths in Varna, ruins in Sofia, and a
mostly-in-tact Roman theater in Plovdiv (that is still used today for plays and concerts!)

Also, Bulgaria is one of only a handful of countries in the world where a shake of the head means “yes” and a nod means “no.” This can, of course, be confusing when you’re trying to converse through gestures with a local who doesn’t speak English.

Ok, back to the biscuits…

Prestige Mirage Biscuits with Apricot Cream

A chocolate sandwich biscuit with a milk chocolate coating and a flavour popular in Bulgaria – apricots! Bulgarians traditionally make compotes with fruit such as this, but we think it makes a great flavour addition to this biscuit.

Agi Kourabiedes “white biscuits” with Almonds

A very popular biscuit in Bulgaria, these sweet, crescent-shaped biscuits are made with almonds to create a light and
crumbly texture. Finished with a generous dusting of icing sugar, they are all too moreish!

Heli Wafers with Cream and Biscuit

A slightly different wafer than you may be used to, these wafers are soft – not crisp. The thick plain wafer is sandwiched with a cookies & cream flavoured filling. Different, but tasty!

Crystal Plain Biscuits with Butter

Something for those with less of a sweet-tooth, these plain biscuits are thick and crisp, with a neutral, buttery taste. A great accompaniment to a cup of tea, though be warned if you’re a “dunker” – these may soak up quite a bit of tea!

Prestige Trayana Biscuits

Another biscuit from the top biscuit producer in Bulgaria, these are a firm favourite. A crunchy biscuit with a chocolate outer coating, in a tradtional ring shape, these are a winner all round! Try with a Turkish coffee for a Bulgarian

Balkan Cocoa Cream Sandwich Cake

A cake-style sweet treat with light sponge layers, coated with a milk chocolate outer layer and a smooth chocolate cream centre. Although not technically a biscuit, this style of treat is popular with a hot drink.


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