Read all about our January Box

Read all about our January Box

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January can be a rather difficult month, Christmas is over and for most of us it is back to work and normality. That’s why the Biscuit Baron decided to travel to a country which boasts of warm and exotic climates, a country which will make you forget all about the January blues.  That country is the crackertastic Philippines. Sit back and make January that bit easier by indulging in on one of the flavoured crackers which dominate the biscuits produced in this country.

Grahams – Honey flavoured

Although these might not be much on their own these semi sweet crackers are famously combined with chocolate in the Philippines to make the ideal desert.  All you have to do is melt some chocolate, add 2 cups of milk, 2/3 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of flour and whisk together over a medium heart. Once it thickens break in the crackers and mould in ice cube containers. Drop in a pop cycle stick and put in the freezer. We promise that it is worth the effort!

Sunflower crackers- Strawberry and Lemon flavoured

These are probably the highlight of the box for us this month and love both the lemon and strawberry flavour equally.  We would describe these crackers as delightfully flavoured which will have you wanting more. There is less of these in the box compared to the other biscuits, so you might want to savour these and really take your time to enjoy them.

Butter Cream- Ensaymada flavoured

Ensaymada is a sugary buttery pastry which originates from Mallorca, Spain and dates all the way back to the 17th century. However, in recent years it has becomes a sweet treat notorious with the Philippines who have put a cheesy twist on the original recipe by adding, you guessed it, cheese! These crackers really convey that sugary cheesy flavour which although, unusual is without doubt tasty.

Magic Creams – Chocolate flavoured

Sticking with the cracker theme, these Magic Creams are pretty much what you would expect for a chocolate flavoured cracker. Reliable and consistent, they are great for just munching on in front of the TV. Our top tip would be too dunk them into a mug of hot chocolate, as is there anything that compliments chocolate better than more chocolate!

Otap- Purple Yam flavoured

Before we even tasted these biscuits, we were instantly drawn to the unusual appearance of them. A bright purple coloured sugar biscuit which is flavoured with a vegetable called a Purple Yam, we certainly had never come across anything like them before. We soon found out that the Filipinos are massive fans of purple coloured food with many of their snacks being flavoured by Purple Yam, also referred to as Ube. Its not just the appearance of these biscuits which make it unique, but the texture is rather strange too. We will leave you to make up your mind about this one!

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