Read all about our South Korean box!

Read all about our South Korean box!

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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2019 already – where did 2018 go?!

The New Year is celebrated all around the globe, but Chinese New Year is also a major “new year” event, celebrated by over 20% of the world – including London, Sydney, San Francisco and South Korea, which brings us to this month’s box!

We chose South Korea in homage to the Chinese New Year – or “Seollal” as it is known in Korea – which both start on the first day of the lunar calendar. This year the celebration starts on the 5th February. See below for details on the biscuits included in this month’s box!

Lotte Custard Pies
Hugely popular in South Korea, these custard cakes are the ideal tea-time treat. Light and fluffy with a sweet vanilla custard filling they were a winner with the team here at The Biscuit Baron!

Ingredients: egg,sugar,wheat flour,d-sorbitol,shortening (partially hydrogenated oil (palm oil,soybean oil,rapeseed oil),partially hydrogenated palm olein oil,soy lecithin,tocopherol,rapeseed oil,propylene glycol esters of fatty acids,glycerin esters of fatty acids),vegetable oil (rice bran oil,rapeseed oil,palm oil,tocopherol),emulsifier 1 (soybean oil,d-sorbitol,glycerin esters of fatty acids,propylence glycol esters of fatty acids,sucrose esters of fatty acids),water,skim milk powder,lactose,emulsifier 2 (d-sorbitol,glycerin esters of fatty acids,propylene glycol,sucrose esters of fatty acids,sorbitan esters of fatty acids),maltose powder,whole milk powder,egg yolk powder,alcohol,polydextrose,glycerin,maple syrup,salt,white wine,artificial flavours (custard,vanilla,brandy),palm extract.
Made in a factory which contains egg,wheat,soy bean,milk,crab

Crown Peanut Sand Cookies
If you like peanut butter you’ll love these! A delicious crispy biscuit with a layer of smooth peanut flavoured filling – definitely moreish and great with a tea or coffee!

Ingredients: wheat flour(wheat), shortenings(soybean), sugar, dextrin, peanut butter, grape sugar, milk, whole egg liquid(egg), crushed peanut, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sweet whey powder, malt, antioxidant[e322, e306], salt, artificial flavour

Samjin Black Sesame Rice Pie
Based on the popular Asian snack “mochi” these treats are a jelly-like texture made from rice filled with a sweet sesame paste and coated with chocolate – definitely different!

Ingredients:Ogligosaccharide, chocolate, sugar, lecithin, maltitol syrup, corn starch, maltodextrinm black sesame paste, glutinous rice, cyclodextrin syrupm vegetable cream powder, sugar, vegetable fat, glucose, salt, wheat flour, graun, alcohol, glycerin esters of fatty acid, sorbitan esters of fatty acids, flavouring.

Haitai Ace Cracker
The most savoury one in this month’s box, these Ace crackers are delicate and crispy with a slightly salty flavor. Great on their own on try topping with your favourite spread or cheese!

Ingredients: wheat flour,shortening(vegetable fat and oil,palm olein oil,palm oil),mixed oil,sugar,processed cereal,dextrose,dry whole milk,salt,milk powder cream,leavening agent,artificial flavouring compounds(milk flavour),vitaminb1,vitaminb2,yeast,enzyme preparation,wheat flour.

Lotte Choco Pie
Despite the name, these are more akin to a UK Wagonwheel than a “pie” as we know it! Two soft biscuit layers cover a marshmallow centre, all coated with chocolate making it an indulgent treat.

Ingredients: wheat flour,sugar,corn syrup,,vegetable fat (partially hydrogenated palm oil,shortening (partially hydrogenated palm oil,coconut oil),d-sorbitol.cocoa powder,whole milk powder,lactose,leavening (ammonum bicarbonate,sodium bicarbonate,mono-calcium phosphate),cocoa mass,salt,emulsifier (soy lecithin,mono&diglyceride),vanillin,hydrolized milkprotien,artificial vanilla flavour

Lotte Peppero – Various
These crispy, stick-shaped biscuits are hugely popular in Korea, so much so that they even have a national day where people exchange the biscuits on the 11th February! Available in multiple flavours, often dipped or coated with chocolate, cookies, or nuts. We’ve included a variety in each box from white cookie, choco coated, choco filled, and almond – which one did you get?

Ingredients:  wheat flour,sugar,cocoa mass,vegetable fat,shortening (palm oil,tocopherol,lactose,egg,processedbutter,whole milk powder,sodium phosphate tribasic,ammonium bicarbonate,sodium bicarbonate,salt,almond powder,whey permeate powder,emulsifier (lecithin,glycerin esters of fatty acids),artificial flavours (chocolate,vanillin,condensed milk,vanilla),papain.
Ingredients: wheat flour, almond, sugar, cocoa mass vegetable oil, shortening, cocoa preparation, processed cereal
sodium hydrogen carbonate, malt syrup, almond powder, salt, potato powder, fructose, lactose, monoglycerides(soybean)
artificial flavor(vanilla, chocolate, cocoa)yeast,enzyme.
Ingredients: Chocolate, sweet whey powder, milk sugar, buttermilk(milk), palm oil, milk cream, cocoa mass, shortening, blended edible oil, lecithin(soybean), artificial flavour(vanilla, vanillin), wheat flour, corn starch, sugar, vegetable oil, malt extract, salt, mineral salt[e524], artificial flavor(palm bread, vanilla), rice kernel oil. 
White cookie:
Ingredientssugar, milk sugar, cocoa butter, wheat flour, shortening, palm oil, egg,
processed butter, yeast, cocoa powder, salt, fructose.

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