Read all about our Finnish box!

Read all about our Finnish box!

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As it is December it would be unwise not to feature a festive country therefore it is off to Finland – home of Lapland and reindeer. We featured five well known biscuits that it is likely Mr Claus himself enjoys with his hot cup of choice!

Kantolan Ballerina Mustikka
In Finland and many other Scandinavian countries, the production and consumption of berries is greater than many European countries. Popular varieties such as the lingonberry are perhaps better known than the bilberry. This is Finland’s native version of the blueberry and was the main ingredient in the jam portion of this biscuit. This was recently switched to the more well known blueberry, a much sweeter berry which requires less added sugar to taste.

Fazer Domino Original
Produced by the countries main baking company Fazer, the Domino biscuit has enduring popularity that spans generations and does not seem to have any other explanation than the unique taste experience of white vanilla combined with a dark cocoa biscuit. Produced since 1953 it now forms the backbone of the company where they market it under the slogan “The Classics do not age”.

TÖYSÄLÄINEN: Traditional Gingerbread cookies
It’s the festive season and as we are featuring a Scandinavian country – we had to include some gingerbread cookies. Lightly spiced and perfect with any hot drink these are sure to be a popular addition to this month’s box, and our personal favourite to take the Scoffability crown for this month. Typically eaten around Christmas time but due to ever increasing popularity these are now available year-round.

Jyväshyvä: Oat Cookies
These golden oat cookies were created to go alongside coffee of which the Finnish people are the European top consumers. Despite this, one of the main uses for these biscuits have been in baking, often used as a base to delights such as cheesecakes. Either way they are a tasty, light and certainy moreish biscuit however you decide to use them.

Kulta Marie
The Marie biscuit is Europe’s version of our Rich Tea biscuits. Differing as the Marie biscuit is typically Vanilla flavoured unlike the Rich Tea version but this Finnish example is also made with Vegetable oil. A perfect fit for a cup of tea, we are sure this one will score highly on your Dunkability section. With history dating back to the Royal wedding in 1874, could this indeed be the most dunked biscuit?

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