Read all about our Thai box!

Read all about our Thai box!

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Travelling further afield this month – our August box comes to you from the home of tuk-tuks, floating markets and the most incredible beaches. It is of course – Thailand!


These Pocky are light little stick-like biscuits with a flavoured coating. This variety has a rather unusual flavour for a biscuit – Mango! Fruity and crisp, they make a refreshing change from a chocolate biscuit and you definitely can’t have just one!


These fish fillet skewers are a popular Thai snack. Although not a biscuit as we know them, they are most commonly enjoyed as a snack with a drink. Available in a multitude of flavours, this example is a barbecue flavour, and (we think!) is reminiscent of a prawn cracker flavouring.


Preserved in a method most familiar with time gone by, these salted plums are very popular in Asian countries and varieties are found throughout the continent. This Thai brand are a popular snack and usually enjoyed as an ingredient in cocktails as well as a snack alongside a mix of drinks.


A popular flavouring in Thailand, biscuits are no exception to pineapple! These biscuits are crunchy biscuit layers with a pineapple jam sandwiched in the middle. These reminded us of the UK biscuit “Jammie Dodgers”, but with a tropical twist!


Rice crackers are well-associated with Thailand, and are popular all over the world. These rice crackers are made with coconut milk, creating a mildly sweet flavour along with the oriental Thai flavour they are well known for.

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