October 2021

One of our favourites from this year – and that’s saying something! From fluffly marshmallow cookies, to fruity cranberry yoghurt biscuits, boozy rum bars, apricot jam tarts, and (our personal favourite!) nougat hazelnut cream biscuits!

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“Every month I think this is my favourite box… But this time really is my favourite box, till next month at least” Steven, October 2021

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The Netherlands

September 2021

Jam packed with traditional cookies and modern varieties, this box was a huge hit with our subscribers! Discover soft-baked Appelkoeken tarts, meringue and chocolate bokkenpootjes, salted caramel sugar biscuits, butter-syrup waffles and more!

See what a subscriber had to say about this month:

“What a fabulous selection of biscuits this month! I love all of them … this month has definitely been the best for me!!” Becky, September 2021

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The Philippines

August 2021

Unique and delicious… discover a range of biscuits, crackers and wafers. From mango cream filled crackers, to sweet pandan wafer sticks, creme caramel flavour biscuits and peanut butter crackers!

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“Really enjoying the variations on flavours, lovely.”  Adam, August 2021

North Macedonia

July 2021

This box was filled with indulgence, and a LOT of biscuits!! Standout biscuits for us were the cream filled button cookies, apple & cinnamon tea rings, peach & sour cherry strudles, and the delicious mocca coffee wafers… did we mention the double chocolate peanut rings?

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“Well I think this looks like the best box EVER !!!” Melanie, July 2021

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June 2021

A summer holiday in a box! This month brought a fantastic array of really traditional styles, fresh flavours and unique textures. Including traditional, crumbly Spanish shortbreads with aniseed, wafers with turron cream, zesty orange and raisin cookies, pumpkin pulp lemon squares, and more!

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“I got a subscription for my husband as his birthday present. I can’t begin to tell you the joy each month’s box brings to his life.” Paloma, June 2021.
As an older box, please note the dates if buying from our shop.


May 2021

Oh boy, this one was a real favourite with everyone! Some biscuits looked almost too good to eat – from Yin Yang styled biscuits, to orange and chocolate scrabble letters (great for the kids!), salted caramel crackers, rum flavoured gingerbread bears, and even CACTUS flavoured butter biscuits!

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“So glad we decided to keep May’s box. Thank you team for another amazing box and definitely our family favourite so far!” Zara, May 2021


April 2021

This box brought some familiar flavours and styles with it, contrasted with some VERY different ones! From strawberry wafers and choco sandwich cookies, to biscuits with a hit of Indian spice such as salted cumin biscuits and cardamom rusks!

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“I’ve tried the salted one … and absolutely loved it. 10 out of 10 for taste and texture. Also, dunked the rusk in coffee. Wonderful.” Vincent, April 2021


March 2021

With so much choice this box was a real challenge to put together to create variety and stay true to the country’s favourites. We included the iconic Prince, Butter Galletes, and BNs, as well as the specially imported brand new Tam Tams and unique caramel palmiers – and more!

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“Absolutely loving this box this month. You guys have done it again!!” – James, March 2021

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February 2021

This box was truly jam packed, with a real mix of styles and flavours so there was something for everyone! From the light caramel mousse filled biscuits, to the plum jam fingers, walnut cookies and mascarpone karuzo pastries!

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“Just received my box, love this month’s box again packed out with loads of great flavours” – Jenny, February 2021

United Kingdom

January 2021

To kick off 2021 we stayed close to home and worked with a range of independent UK based companies to feature some of those small family run businesses. This gave them a little extra support after a hard year but also let us explore some unique styles and flavours from Scotland and England! Rhubarb and Custard shortbread, anyone? And don’t forget the sticky toffee pudding cookies…

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“I just received my box for this month – wonderful! Thanks once again, best subscription ever! (I have 3 other subscriptions, but yours is by far the best!)” – Vince, January 2021

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