Over 1 in 3 Brits Argue over Biscuits!?

Shockingly, research has found that more than one in three Brits argue about – you heard right, Biscuits!

Men arguing about biscuits

Biscuit Argument Reasons:

Reasons for these arguments have varied from people eating the bottom layer of a biscuit box before the top layer (criminals), and people leaving crumbs in the bed (yuck). However, some are more than happy to let their partner enjoy a biscuit in bed, with 34 percent deeming this acceptable.

Another argument was due to someone leaving the biscuit packet open and making the biscuits stale. People have also had debates over whether biscuits should live in the cupboard or the fridge. Similarly, some people swear by keeping their biscuits separate from one another. Compared to some people being happy to keep them in the one big biscuit box.

My personal favourite reason was that leaving a rouge ginger biscuit in the biscuit tin and therefore making the other biscuits taste ‘gingery” sparked a biscuit argument.

Stick Figures having an argument about biscuits

Biscuit Statistics

Research also found that 23 percent of biscuit-lovers revealed that they think about their favourite snack more than their love lives! Additionally, 13 percent of people stated that if their partner had a ‘weird biscuit habit’ that they would consider calling it quits!

Furthermore, results showed those who have argued about biscuits have an average of 24 heated discussions surrounding snacks. This is with their partner (37 percent) or their children (19 percent) to be the target of their biscuit argument.

The findings of this research, commissioned by McVities, have sparked controversy with differing opinions among the biscuit community. It showed 2 in 3 people stating that they are willing to let all kinds of biscuits run freely in the same container, compared to 24 percent wishing to keep them separate. Additionally, over half of people (54 percent) believe that whoever took the last biscuit should replace the packet.

Rest assured, 6 in 10 people cannot remember the last time their house did not have any biscuits in it.

Overall, one thing we can all collectively agree on is that biscuits are amazing! Buy your Biscuit Baron Box here – to try new biscuits from around the world.

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Jenny Lyall

Jenny Lyall