Our Top 3 Ideas To Try This Summer

Whether you are staying in the UK or holidaying abroad this year, summertime is full of potential – there are hundreds of different ideas for things to do and ideas to try this summer! 

Why not try some of these ideas below…

1) Make your own ice cream.

This one is a must for biscuit lovers like us, nothing goes better with some crumbled up biscuits on a hot summer’s day than some ice cream. But, we figure rather than just buying store bought ice cream, you could make it at home and turn it into a fun activity to spend the day on with family (or by yourself). And on top of that, you don’t even need any special equipment! As long as you have a freezer and some containers to store the ice-cream in you should be good to go. This is one of our favourite ideas to try this summer because it’s so simple, and can be adapted to suit your tastes!

We decided to follow Heidi’s recipe on foodiecrush.com because it looked so delicious! The recipe called for 2 cups heavy whipping cream (we used double cream since we’re in the UK), 14 oz sweet condensed milk, and 1 tsp vanilla extract, as well as any flavourings or “mix-ins” (being the biscuit lovers we are we chose to add biscuits…). This recipe is also great for kids, because it’s so simple and easy to follow: Simply whip the cream until it forms stiff peaks, whisk the condensed milk and vanilla extract together, and then fold the cream into the mixture slowly. 

After that, just pop it into the freezer for 4 or so hours and you’re done!

Super tasty, super versatile – why not even make some ice cream cookie sandwiches with this?!

2) Go berry picking. 

If there are any farms or tunnels near you that offer the chance to pick your own berries we’d definitely recommend it as one of our ideas to try this summer! It’s a great day out with friends or family and somehow hand picked fruit tastes better!

Pair with biscuits, the homemade ice-cream you’ve made, or go all out and make some Sangria!

3) Make your own iced coffee. 

Another summer staple, iced coffee! While it might be easier to nip into your coffee chain of choice for a quick frappe or cold brew, making it yourself is so much more rewarding! For the biscuit lovers, although iced coffee might not be as good for dunking it’s still certainly worth it on a hot day (unless you’re someone who likes hot drinks when it’s warm out… guilty!).

It’s easy enough to make: just make a regular cup of your coffee of choice, though typically you’ll want to make it stronger by adding the same amount of coffee and half the water (since you’ll be adding ice later). Make sure you add your sweetener while the coffee is warm so that it will melt! You can then either let the coffee cool before adding it to the ice or add it to the ice right away and wait till you can no longer see any melting. After that just top up your glass with milk! Note: If you like your coffee stronger you can use frozen coffee ice cubes instead of water – game changer!

Which one of these ideas to try this summer you be doing first? With the weather just now we think we’ll be making a quick iced coffee… prepping the coffee ice cubes already!!

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Fraser McIntyre

Fraser McIntyre

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