November Box Update


UPDATE 25.11.20: Whistl have let us know that they have cleared the backlog today (for subscriptions sent on the 16th) and the last batch of parcels went earlier on. All going well boxes should arrive for the end of the week. The courtesy tracking may still be slightly off with a slight lag, but rest assured they are in transit! 

All orders placed after the 16th will go in Whistl’s final batch tomorrow.

WE MADE IT! Thanks so much for all your patience. It’s one of these unfortunate events, but the good news is we were able to work through it and get it sorted – albeit some boxes are later than normal. We’re now focussed on how we can learn from this going forward.

Thank you, and apologies once again.

UPDATE 24.11.20: Boxes continue to move and we would expect the last of the boxes to have landed with you by the end of this week as we have to take the 3 -5 day service in effect of them sending from Thursday/Friday at the earliest due to the delay earlier on last week. They are continuing to send in batches so that we can keep an eye on them and work through the backlog that last week caused. Appreciate this is frustrating and thanks to the power of social media it can seem that many people have received theirs, in reality there are more that are still to be delivered than have been delivered. I would ask for just a little bit more patience and if you haven’t seen any movement by tomorrow night/Thursday night then get in touch and we can look at alternative options. 

UPDATE 19.11.20: Boxes have now started moving! Whistl have informed us they were able to pass the parcels on to the courier so we should hopefully see them arriving Monday onwards (might be slightly staggered so please allow a few days after this also while Whistl clear the backlog), so all-in-all only a day or two later than the maximum 5 working days the service can normally take. This might mean that tracking might be a little off this month.

Many apologies again – as always thank you for your support and patience! 


Evening everyone,

As some of you may have noticed, the tracking for this month’s subscription boxes is a little behind where we would expect it to be at this stage. We spoke to our delivery partner, Whistl, as soon as we spotted this and we were unfortunately informed earlier today that their system is having trouble scanning and routing our parcels.

We’re keen to be as transparent and upfront as early as possible with you on this, and the current situation is that the boxes are still in Glasgow (our regional sorting hub) and won’t move until this error is rectified. Whistl are currently working on this as a top priority and although they had hoped it would be sorted in time to meet the connection at 7pm tonight, this wasn’t possible and it will be tomorrow at the earliest before they begin to move.

For full transparency, please see an email communication from Whistl earlier today:

We completely appreciate this is not ideal (and we are equally as frustrated as we can’t wait for you to receive this month’s box!).

An absolutely massive apology on this – getting biscuits out in a timely manner is really important to us, so sending an email about a delay at this magnitude is not easy!

We will keep in close contact with Whistl on this who have told us they will try to upgrade the delivery speed to minimise the delay as much as possible.

I know many of you will be disappointed but hopefully you can understand this is a bit of an anomaly in our many months of shipping and we are trying to be open and honest about it as early as possible.

Huge apologies again, fingers crossed we can all be dunking & discovering soon!!

Best wishes,
Sophie & Fraser