christmas biscuit box the biscuit baron unique gift

Christmas Biscuit Box – The Perfect Gift

Searching for gift ideas? Discover our Christmas biscuit box. Our biscuit boxes offer a unique gift idea any time of …

morrisons biscuit pizza gingerbread the biscuit baron gift

Morrisons Biscuit Pizza – A Pizza Topped with Biscuits?!

Morrisons biscuit pizza is now available! Supermarket giant Morrisons is going Christmas daft at the pizza counter this year, with …

bach beethoven classical music the biscuit baron

Classical Music: Bach, Beethoven and Biscuits

According to a new study led by experts at Miyagi University in Japan, listening to classical music increases our desire …

bad coffee mistake brew the biscuit baron cuppa

The Top 20 Mistakes When Making Coffee

Are you one of those people that won’t let anyone else make them a brew? Well you’re not alone! A …

covid champs winner image the biscuit baron

COVID Champs Winner Announcement

Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in our recent COVID Champs competition. There were so many great entries that …

garibaldi biscuits the biscuit baron top down

The History of the Garibaldi: No One’s Favourite Biscuit

The history of the Garibaldi biscuit is an interesting one, though Garibaldi can mean many things depending on who you …

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