Exciting New App for Ordering Coffee in 2020

The mobile app ‘COFE’ is being described as the new ‘deliveroo’ but for coffee. The app claims to be an “online coffee marketplace” which allows people to pre-order their drinks from their local coffee shops or be delivered to them in select stores.

Mobile app for ordering coffee

The app is being launched in London very soon where it is bound to gain the most success due to demand. This helps busy workers get their daily coffee with ease and save a lot of time waiting for their drink to be made.

‘COFE’ is different from other pre-order services that are provided by companies such as Starbucks or Costa site. This is because the app allows orders to be made from a variety of different cafes including boutique coffee shops. So far, almost 40 coffee shops have agreed to work with this app’s early trial in London.

In the UK, the average person buys three coffees each week – this adds up to around £300 per year. However, as Brits, if this helps fuel our day we won’t complain!

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