Morrisons Biscuit Pizza – A Pizza Topped with Biscuits?!

morrisons biscuit pizza gingerbread the biscuit baron gift

Morrisons biscuit pizza is now available! Supermarket giant Morrisons is going Christmas daft at the pizza counter this year, with two dessert varieties specially created for the festive season.

Well know for their pizzas, Morrisons have really taken the biscuit – we mean REALLY. They have literally PUT. BISCUITS. ON. TOP. OF. PIZZA.

Now, this isn’t really the done thing. And we have a few questions:

  • Will the biscuits not burn as they cook again in the oven?
  • Will the sauce not make the biscuits soggy?
  • Is there sauce, and if not will it not be really dry?
  • Is it a pizza without cheese?
  • Should it be re-named to a Bizza (biscuit pizza) to avoid confusion and lower the expectations of cheese?

But we digress… there are two festive biscuit choices for the Morrisons biscuit pizza: Chocolate Gingerbread pizza or Caramelised Biscuit pizza, both cost £2.89.

About the Pizzas

The Chocolate Gingerbread Morrisons biscuit pizza is topped with snow-shaped marshmallows, and the Caramelized Biscuit features salted toffee sauce, milk chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, double chocolate cookie dough and six mini gingerbread men.

morrisons biscuit pizza biscoff caramelised the biscuit baron gift
Caramelised Biscuit Pizza. Image by Morrisons.

Available from all Morrisons in-store pizza counters, the pizzas are part of a new limited-edition range for customers to try in the run up to Christmas.

And it’s not just biscuit pizza, there’s actually a savoury option too – the Pigs in Blankets pizza, and is available now until Christmas Eve, but be quick if you fancy the the Caramelized Biscuit pizza, which is only on sale until November 28th.

What do you think?


Will you be purchasing this for Christmas?

We think it’s a great novelty and will likely be buying it just to try… watch this space! We think it would make a great dessert or sweet snack with friends and family watching a Christmas film! And of course… don’t forget a good cup of tea to go with it!

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Sophie Whittaker

Sophie Whittaker

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