McDonald’s New Deal: 2 free hot drinks after buying 5

A change in 2020 means that McDonald’s are now allowing customers to collect stickers for hot drinks on their mobile app. Also, only five stickers are required to claim this deal, opposed to six which was the old deal.

McDonalds drinks

However, you can still collect the tokens from the physical cups which will gain you an extra hot drink. This will save you between £1.78 and £3.56 which is a great offer!

This is available for all hot drinks on the McCafe menu at a regular size. Clever customers have been taking advantage of this deal and are saving money on their coffees everyday site.

In addition to this, McDonald’s have also released vegan products such as the veggie dippers which are a permanent addition to the menu. This is a real benefit to the company as these are very popular amongst healthy eaters and specific diets.

Let us know if you use the McDonald’s free drinks trick!

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