May Box Update


It’s the final countdown!!! All boxes are now being posted! We’re expecting a collection of the boxes later on today and this week, and we’ll send your despatch email with tracking when it’s on the way! 🙂 
Thank you so so much for your patience. We hope you love this box! 


Looking forward, we can see that May and June’s box will be close together – so to keep the balance we will move June’s shipment out a week – around the 21st so that to there’s more of a gap in between boxes! Then July will follow as normal sending on the 15th. If there are any problems with this just let either of us know via the website chatbox or Facebook messenger. 


Evening all, I just wanted to add that I know the below updated on the despatch times isn’t what any of us want to hear but we’re trying our best to put it right. 

On a personal note, I spent most of today in tears as I genuinely feel awful about the whole situation and how out of our control it has been. As a small team we are very close to every part of the business so it really does get to us when things go wrong. We were told it would take a few days more to get biscuits to us, only to find out it took longer and pushed back our packing time and despatch time. We can only pass on what we are being told and to take people at their word which was incorrect so apologies for that.

This isn’t meant to sound like a sympathy vote post, I just wanted to try and get across that we are not sitting twiddling our thumbs, putting our feet up, and we are not intentionally trying to annoy anyone in any way! 

Contrary to some views, we are not a bad company. We are not out to steal your money. We are not scamming anybody. We are a small duo with a business that has been hit with the WORST luck all in one month and we are fully aware this has let you all down. 

We’re trying as hard as we can to get these biscuits out as fast as we can and we know you are all desperate to receive them soonest. We have tried our best to do what we would want in this situation and give everyone as many options and as many updates as we can, even if not always the best news.

So sorry once again for this absolute nightmare month. Sophie xx


Hi All, 

I am conscious we have not updated this in a couple of days – to bring everyone up to speed the nightmare month continues to through us curve balls after curve balls.

As we stand 35% of our May boxes have shipped and if your box is in this batch you will have received your tracking information. If you have not, you will be in our second batch which will ship early next week. If you have not received your tracking information then get in touch and we can have a look into this. 

Whilst this month has definitely been our most challenging to date we both greatly appreciate the patience that the vast majority of our subscribers have shown. Unfortunately we have had some very upset and angry customers and we fully appreciate this is not a good month for us. Hopefully our long-standing customers can attest that this is the first time something this drastic has happened! 

Looking forward, we can see that May and June’s box will be close together – so to keep the balance we will move June’s shipment out a week so that your May box will arrive next week, and your June box around 2 weeks after that to there’s more of a gap in between boxes! Then July will follow as normal sending on the 15th. If there are any problems with this just let either of us know via the website chatbox or Facebook messenger. 

Again, everyone, we truly cannot apologise enough! We have had many a sleepless night over this and can’t wait to be out the other side and back to normal.


We’re conscious renewal day is tomorrow so we just want to add a wee update here to say once again we’re so sorry for the delay with May’s box but it will be with you soon!

We’re also well underway with June’s box so we’ll be able to get back on track after a crazy month and get back to our regular posting dates after this major blip 🍪💖🙆‍♀️


Hi everyone 🍪

There is now light at the end of a very long tunnel and we are confident we will have goods and be able to send all boxes to arrive the end of the week. 

We don’t want to go into it too much but the reason for this is again(!) a customs issue – they are stuck in France and our shipper has cancelled on us however we are very lucky to have sourced someone else to pick this up and to clear them.

We’ve been told this is to arrive with us within 3-4 days and then we will be packing through the night to get these to you!! We are just as excited to get these to you as you must be! It’s a very uncertain and stressful time but we finally feel like we’re getting there. 

We are so very conscious that this is extremely late and it’s totally understandable that some people are unhappy – we completely appreciate that this isn’t ideal. Unfortunately the nature of the box contents means we can’t just source lots of stock last minute to replace this country with (we would if we could)!

We’re trying to cover all bases as we don’t want anyone to be unhappy with 2 boxes close together, or no box, so just a reminder if you don’t want to wait you can choose your options here.

Please rest assured we’re taking all the learnings we can from this for future – we won’t be beaten by Brexit! 🙂 The June box is well underway so we’re on track to bounce back and staying positive!


Unfortunately the nightmare that is this month’s shipment continues! Whilst we hoped any delays were over and we were into calmer waters it is not the case. The current holdup is due to a legislative issue with bringing goods from outside the European Union into the European Union in order to then forward onto us, a non European Union county. I am hopeful that I should have more information on this tomorrow morning but thought it best to update as we initially hoped to be posting out today. I’ll update again when I know more. If your situation has changed and you wish to update your preference regarding your May box you can do so here


Hi everyone – we’ve just had word that biscuits have cleared customs at the problematic country so far (no spoilers – but it’s not in the EU and this load is causing various issues that we thought would have cleared a few days ago!) so we are on the move!! We’re trying to stay optimistic and all going well we hope we can still get biscuits to you for the end of next week.

We’ll be sending an email about this today, with some alternative options if anyone would like to try and make amends as much as we can – including a shop solution or to skip May or June’s box to stop biscuit overload – as we fully appreciate this is a really long time. Of course if you’re happy to wait that’s fantastic! 

Thanks for your patience – we’re trying to make the best of a disastrous situation, and pretty much every waking moment is spent trying to sort this, and we really appreciate you sticking by us!!  We hope these updates help, and as always if you have any queries just get in touch and we’ll reply as soon as we can. ♥


We’re still working hard to get this in hand – our chosen shipper is still experiencing delays. We’ve been told that the lifting of Covid restrictions have caused drivers to disperse more, so it’s a struggle to get goods moved from each location. We’ll update you as we know more and know how this will affect the dates. Rest assured we’ll sort something as soon as we can and we’re putting everything we can into getting your biscuits to you!


We received an update today that one of our suppliers for May’s box is experiencing a major delay with delivery.

This puts us in a real predicament as we have most of the box contents ready, but are waiting on a couple more from this supplier to ensure we give you as much variety as possible in this month’s box.

We have been trying as hard as we can to get these biscuits here as quickly as possible, however it currently looks like we won’t be able to dispatch until around the 24th May – a week later than planned.

In our 3 years of sending biscuits this is the longest delay we have ever encountered and we can only apologise. As a small team, we feel terrible for letting our customers down and can’t emphasise that enough. 

We will continue to keep you updated via this dedicated web page.

Best wishes and a thousand apologies,

Sophie & Fraser

The Biscuit Baron