Maltesers launch New Mint Ice Cream!

Calling all Maltesers fans, we have a new treat to taste! Available at Asda today, the new mint ice cream has launched and customers are loving it. Coated in milk chocolate and filled with crisp, cocoa-coated honeycomb pieces, this sounds like the perfect combination for any chocolate fan.

Maltesers Mint Ice Cream
Priced at just £2.25 per box, we can be assured that this will be worthwhile purchase!

Maltesers are known for launching exciting new products such as buttons, truffles and the Easter bunny bar. However, this ice cream is definitely a new favourite with fans going mad for it People on social media had very positive feedback such as;

  • “Out of everything Maltesers has made I need this in my life.”
  • “This year is getting better and better but my waist line is getting bigger and bigger.”
  • “Filling the freezer with these.”

Alongside this product, Maltesers are also bringing out mint chocolate buttons to match. After the success of the 2018 launch of the milk buttons – they decided to take this one step further and add a mint flavour. When launched on the 9th of March, you’ll be able to get small 32g bags for 66p, 68g treat bags for £1.19 or 102g bags for £2.09 across the UK.

What do you think about these minty flavours? We are so excited to test them out!

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