Hot Cross Buns Tea

New Hot Cross Buns Tea available in Sainsburys!

This Easter, Sainsburys has brought out a new, festive product for the lovers of hot cross buns. Combining the sweet treat and a cosy classic they have created a flavoured tea to resemble the taste of these sticky buns.

hot cross buns with tea

You can buy this flavoured tea now, in most Sainsburys UK shops and online for just £1. What a bargain for such a unique product!

This product is unfortunately likely to be limited edition, as it is an Easter special after all! Therefore, we would recommend getting your hands on this as soon as possible and to stock up – just in case.

It’s not your usual black tea, this is actually a rooibos tea which has a lighter flavour than black tea – with no caffeine and low tannins. This tea also has the below flavours included to help recreate the hot cross bun flavours:

  • Apple
  • Cassia
  • Orange
  • Elderberries
  • Lemon Peel
  • Chicory Root

If flavoured tea isn’t your thing, Sainsburys have also got regular packets of hot cross buns on sale now also priced at £1 for a packet of 6 buns.

Let us know when you get a chance to try this tea – maybe even alongside a Biscuit Baron biscuit!

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