Does your Biscuit Dunking Behaviour reflect your Age?

Research suggests that the way in which you dunk your biscuits can be a reflection of your age! The differences in generations’ techniques to enjoy biscuits and a hot drink highlight the age patterns that exist. There are clear biscuit behaviour variations between the Gen X, Gen Z, Millennials and Boomer age groups. This relates to the type of drink that each age group prefers, dunking time and how they break their biscuits.

However, universally 83 percent of adults prefer to dunk a digestive biscuit into a hot drink. At least we’re mostly all on the same page about one thing!

The Tea Lover Group – Gen Z

People in the Gen Z category (aged 26 and under) are more likely to dunk their biscuits into tea over any other hot drink by 63 per cent. This contrasts to the behaviour of Millennials who favour dunking their biscuits into coffee. The ways that Gen Z like to dunk their biscuits into tea was investigated, 38 per cent say they like to dunk twice and half prefer to submerge for 2 seconds in tea.

The Snapper Group – Gen X and Millennials

Additionally, It is found that 4 in 10 Gen Xers (aged 43-58) and a smaller portion of millennials like to snap their biscuits in half in order to dunk them.

The Nibbler Group – Boomers

Moreover, It was also noticeable that boomers (aged 57-75) commonly polish their biscuits off by dunking and nibbling them instead of snapping the biscuit into pieces. The majority of this age group like to slowly nibble their biscuit around the edges and work their way inwards.

Do your dunking preferences reflect the stereotypical behaviours of your age group? Or do you differ from the normal? Let us know!

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Jenny Lyall

Jenny Lyall