COVID Champs Winner Announcement

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Firstly, thank you to everyone who participated in our recent COVID Champs competition. There were so many great entries that it made it difficult to choose a winner! 

At the heart of the competition we wanted to celebrate those unsung heroes who have went beyond the call of duty to help others during the pandemic. 

After a voting period in the office we came to the conclusion that our COVID Champs winner is: Suze Baxter! 

Suze Baxter

covid champs winner suze

Suze works in the funeral care industry – an area of work which has had massive strain put on it throughout the pandemic that’s often overlooked. Despite the huge workload, Suze chose to take on extra hours to make sure people got the attention and care they needed at a delicate time. On top of this, she has 4 children at home that she had to help with home-schooling, all the while being the breadwinner in the house. Suze also found time to help out the community as well as her family and colleagues – truly a COVID Champ. 

We’ve also been told that Suze is a massive biscuit lover, so she’s sure to enjoy the year’s supply of monthly biscuit boxes heading her way!

Suze was nominated by her friend Lucy, so huge thanks to Lucy too for bringing Suze’s good deeds to our attention.

COVID Champs Runners-Up

Because of how difficult it was to choose a winner, we’ve actually chosen to reward 3 more COVID Champs as runners-up in the competition! In no particular order we have: Beatrice and Kevin Gall, Sarah Currie, and Denise the Dinosaur.

Beatrice and Kevin Gall

bea and kevin gall runners up covid champs the biscuit baron

Beatrice and Kevin are a “real life superhero” couple as a paramedic and in A&E who have been working tirelessly throughout the pandemic both in and out of work. We all know how much of a strain has been put on the NHS this year and last, and these two have still managed to find time to help out their community with food shopping and more – all the while raising 2 children! 

Denise the Dinosaur

denise the dinosaur covid champs runner up the biscuit baron

Denise the Dinosaur was invented in order to cheer up the local community. The two people behind the dinosaur costume would parade around the estate on a weekly basis bringing much needed smiles to the locals. They also helped out with food parcels and deliveries to those who couldn’t get to the shops, as well as raising money for charity. They’ve also said they’d like to donate their runners-up prize to local struggling families, truly amazing people.

Sarah Currie

We unfortunately don’t have any pictures for our final runner up, but she’s amazing nonetheless! Sarah Currie has worked in her local resilience team non-stop since the pandemic began, including all through Christmas and Easter when people likely needed that extra helping hand and friend to have. Sarah worked on organising discos and bingo for the community to help deal with the loneliness of self-isolating. As well as this she worked on making up and delivering care packages to everyone in her community – including food, activities and gifts.

Thank you again to everyone who took part in the competition and to all the COVID Champs across the country.

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