Costa’s Newest Release – A pink hot chocolate

Costa has rewarded us with a new addition to the January 2020 menu. A ruby hot chocolate that is perfect for Instagram has been launched and customers are loving it.

Costa Pink Hot Chocolate

The drink is made from ruby cocoa beans, which are the ingredient that make it naturally bright pink in colour. It also has a fruity taste, which just adds to the uniqueness of the hot chocolate.

In addition to this beautiful drink that is priced at £3.35, Costa have also added three more hot beverages to their menu all Coconut flavoured; mit link

  • Latte – £2.55
  • Flat White – £2.70
  • Hot Chocolate – £3.35

Although these drinks are also popular, customers seem to have taken to the pink drink the most. This is likely due to it being so aesthetically pleasing to share online to social media – giving Costa more publicity.

We think this hot chocolate is a dream for posting online and can’t wait to see more of it!

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