Biscuits From Around The World

Delivered Straight To your Workplace

What’s inside the box?

Each month you’ll receive an exciting selection of tastes and styles of biscuits from around the world. Your box will include:

  • A supply of biscuits that is right for your team
  • A booklet with fun facts and history on the country and their biscuits
  • A score card to rate your biscuits with coworkers
  • Free shipping throughout the UK
  • All ingredients printed in English
100% Satisfaction
Free Shipping
Cancel Anytime

Why Choose Us?

Customise your own plan

We know that one size doesn’t always fit all, therefore with our level of customisation you can be sure to get a level of service that is right for your workplace.

Typically we deliver once a month however this can be made more or less frequently depending on your usage.
We can work together to create a box which suits you best. Want to repeat a country? Don’t want savoury? Just ask.
Payment terms
Fully flexible payment terms allow greater savings for longer term subscriptions, and no confusing cancellation terms.
If you want to include extras in your boxes such as a staff newsletter, celebrations that month or a personalised thank you, we can include all these items and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read some of our frequently asked questions below. For more FAQs click here.

I have never heard of ‘The Biscuit Baron’, What is it?

The Biscuit Baron is a subscription box, made for adventurers and biscuit lovers alike! Each month you’ll receive a selection of biscuits and tea-time snacks from around the world (a different country each month) helping you experience the tastes and traditions from each place.

Are your products gluten/vegan/allergen free?

Each biscuit comes with information on their ingredients but unfortunately as we are buying from many different manufacturers overseas we can not guarantee that the products will be allergen free.

Can you provide an invoice?

Yes, no problem at all! When you are discussing the terms with a member of the team, simply inform them that you require an invoice and we can provide you with one..

What are the cancellation terms?

There is no cancellation period celá zpráva. All we ask is that you give us notice before delivery of your box that you do not want to carry on the service and we can stop it at any time. Alternatively you can also pause your plan and restart again when required without re-inputting your details.

Request A Quote

Does receiving a supply of exciting biscuits from around the world straight to your work sounding tempting? Fill in a few simple details on your requirements and we’ll get back to you with a plan we think would suit best.

The more information you provide in this section will allow us to provide a more accurate quote. E.g number of people in workplace, typical consumption/spend etc.

If there are any further additions you require, please get in touch and we will try our best to accomodate these.