Tesco are putting personalised names on Toblerone Chocolate this Christmas

For Christmas, fans of Toblerone chocolate can now get their favourite treat personalised in Tesco stores! The receivers’ name will be printed across the packaging to give a personalised touch to the standard present of chocolate. This is a great idea for people who want to give these as a gift for the festive season as it is so unique and easily stands out.

Personalised Toblerone

These personalised Toblerones can be purchased throughout November and December 2019 in selected Tesco stores across the UK.

To receive the personalised packaging, customers must buy two Toblerone bars priced at £3.50 each – the named sleeve is then free site. They come in all sorts of flavours such as fruit and nut, coconut, white chocolate and the original milk chocolate.

For the customers who’s local Tesco don’t offer this deal – you can still personalise your Toblerone bar online here.

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