Christmas Biscuit Reveal #1…

christmas biscuits the biscuit baron gift idea unique

If you just can’t wait to see what’s inside your special Christmas box, you’re in luck!
Discover a sneak preview of one of the biscuits inside…

WARNING: if you’ve clicked by accident – spoilers are ahead!

christmas biscuits the biscuit baron gift idea unique

And the biscuit is…

Crunchy chocolate sugar wreaths!

We can’t get enough of these – crisp biscuits in the shape of a Christmas wreath, with a rich dark chocolate on one side, and crunchy sugar crystals on the other. Highly dunkable!

A real treat and super festive!

Stay tuned for more exciting reveals and updates… plus, not long until boxes are posted – going out early next week! With biscuits from various different countries in this month’s box, there’s so much more to discover!

Not got your Christmas box yet? Take a look here >

Includes the options of shiny, festive packaging and a singing element that plays music when it’s opened!

Why not gift a plan that sends your loved one a box of biscuits each month? No subscription or cancellation required!

Sophie Whittaker

Sophie Whittaker

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