Christmas Biscuit Gift – The Perfect Present

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Searching for gift ideas? Discover our Christmas biscuit box.

Our biscuit boxes offer a unique gift idea any time of year, but our December Christmas biscuit box is something truly special…

  • A range of new biscuits from around the world to try
  • Shiny gift packaging ready to go under the tree on delivery
  • A musical box inside that sings every time you open it!
  • A fun festive theme to get everyone in the Christmas spirit!

The Christmas edition box includes all the regular features of our biscuit boxes. This includes a variety of scrumptious biscuits, a magazine full of entertaining facts and information, as well as a scorecard and puzzles to enjoy with the family.

What’s in this year’s Christmas biscuit box?

Although we don’t want to reveal it just yet, the biscuits in our Christmas edition box will have a special seasonal theme. Last year’s theme, for example, was fashioned after a traditional British Christmas dinner, with Melon, Cranberry, Nut Roast, Gingerbread, and other delights.

The Christmas biscuit box is also unique, including a free gift card and message, a shiny and festive foil mailer bag, and, most importantly, a light-activated singing element that starts to sing a Christmas song as you or your giftee opens the box!

A “Do not open until December 25th” sticker will be included in the packaging, which is ideal for delivering through the post.

If you’re gifting to someone who wants to pick a different start date for their own biscuit plan, we also have an e-voucher that can be printed and contains a unique code that can be redeemed at any time.

And the best part about our Christmas biscuit box, is it doesn’t have to end in December! Gift monthly boxes so they’ll get a box each month, for a gift they’ll remember long after Christmas!

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Sophie Whittaker

Sophie Whittaker

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