THIS IS NOT A DRILL – NEW LOTUS BISCUITS AVAILABLE. We all know and love Lotus biscuits – the delicious, crunchy, caramelised biscuits perfect with a tea or coffee! Well, Lotus have upped their game and have now released… CHOCOLATE COVERED LOTUS BISCUITS.

Are you excited?

We’re excited!

Here’s why:

  • They’re Lotus biscuits
  • With chocolate
  • BELGIAN chocolate
  • Tasty biscuits
  • and ONLY £1!!!!!

chocolate covered lotus biscuits

Did we forget to mention that? These delicious-sounding chocolate-covered lotus biscuits are available in Poundland for only £1. Moreover, they are ALSO available in Asda, Ocado & Sainsburys on offer for £1, but £1.29-£1.49 when not on offer.

Lotus biscuits were first made in 1932 in Belgium, and now bake over 6 billion biscuits a year thanks to their huge popularity throughout the world. The range expanded and there is now a biscoff spread available, ice creams, and now these delicious covered versions!

Fun fact:

Lotus is the most recognised brand of speculoos biscuit. It is a traditional spiced biscuit enjoyed on St Nicolas’ Day in Belgium, The Netherlands and Luxembourg.

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