New Bounty Biscuits have been launched!

We’ve seen many exciting chocolate products drop recently such as; pineapple jaffa cakes, mint maltesers and even heinz chococlate! And now, Bounty has released a biscuit representing their classic chocolate, that has a ‘secret centre’ filled with coconut flavoured cream.

Bounty Biscuits

Bounty Secret Centre Biscuits are currently being sold in Aldi stores for just 89p!

The response from social media is very mixed as it is no secret that this is a controversial treat. With one person saying “Next please” and others not sounding too impressed either.

However, there are happy customers with one saying ” I got them, ate the whole packet in one sitting…..Miss Piggy has nothing on me when it comes to Bounty.” People have also been tagging friends in bounty biscuit posts and sharing their positive feedback.

This new product is bound to raise different opinions as the chocolate is commonly known as the one that gets left at the bottom of the celebrations box! Regardless, we and many others are excited to try this new biscuit and can’t wait to hear your thoughts!

Will you be buying this new biscuit?

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