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January can be a rather difficult month, Christmas is over and for most of us it is back to work and normality. That’s why the Biscuit Baron decided to travel to a country which boasts of warm and exotic climates, a country which will make you forget all about the January blues.  That country is the crackertastic Philippines. Sit back and make January that bit easier by indulging in on one of the flavoured crackers which dominate the biscuits produced in this country.

Grahams – Honey flavoured

Although these might not be much on their own these semi sweet crackers are famously combined with chocolate in the Philippines to make the ideal desert.  All you have to do is melt some chocolate, add 2 cups of milk, 2/3 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of flour and whisk together over a medium heart. Once it thickens break in the crackers and mould in ice cube containers. Drop in a pop cycle stick and put in the freezer. We promise that it is worth the effort!

Sunflower crackers- Strawberry and Lemon flavoured

These are probably the highlight of the box for us this month and love both the lemon and strawberry flavour equally.  We would describe these crackers as delightfully flavoured which will have you wanting more. There is less of these in the box compared to the other biscuits, so you might want to savour these and really take your time to enjoy them.

Butter Cream- Ensaymada flavoured

Ensaymada is a sugary buttery pastry which originates from Mallorca, Spain and dates all the way back to the 17th century. However, in recent years it has becomes a sweet treat notorious with the Philippines who have put a cheesy twist on the original recipe by adding, you guessed it, cheese! These crackers really convey that sugary cheesy flavour which although, unusual is without doubt tasty.

Magic Creams – Chocolate flavoured

Sticking with the cracker theme, these Magic Creams are pretty much what you would expect for a chocolate flavoured cracker. Reliable and consistent, they are great for just munching on in front of the TV. Our top tip would be too dunk them into a mug of hot chocolate, as is there anything that compliments chocolate better than more chocolate!

Otap- Purple Yam flavoured

Before we even tasted these biscuits, we were instantly drawn to the unusual appearance of them. A bright purple coloured sugar biscuit which is flavoured with a vegetable called a Purple Yam, we certainly had never come across anything like them before. We soon found out that the Filipinos are massive fans of purple coloured food with many of their snacks being flavoured by Purple Yam, also referred to as Ube. Its not just the appearance of these biscuits which make it unique, but the texture is rather strange too. We will leave you to make up your mind about this one!

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Christmas will soon be upon us and to help celebrate the festive period, this month we have packed your box with delightful biscuits all the way from Poland. Unlike traditional Christmas in the UK, Christmas in Poland is generally celebrated on Christmas Eve which involves a day of fasting before feasting on sight of the first star in the sky. Don’t worry though we are not advocating that you save these biscuits until Christmas Eve but rather encourage you to crack them open and spread the biscuit love with all your loved ones throughout the season!

 Merry Christmas from the Biscuit Baron!

Dr Gerard Magic Creams

A cream and cherry filling sandwiched between two biscuits we can see these being a big hit with all our friends and family this month! What did perplex us about these however is the unusual phrasing of the filling….. creamy flavoured cream!  Regardless of this slight anomaly we think they are a delicious biscuit.

Tago Piernik duo

Piernik is the name for traditional polish gingerbread which is a firm favourite at Christmas time and we can see why. These soft heart shaped biscuits are a perfect match with a mug of hot mulled wine on a cold winter night. The layer of chocolate only makes them harder to resist.

Dr Gerard crispy biscuits with icing sugar

These hard and crispy biscuits shaped like little croissants are the perfect combination of crispy biscuit and sweetness. Warning: Try not eat them all as the icing sugar around your mouth will be a definite give away!

Beskidzkie Paluszki

Although subtle, you can definitely taste the cheese and tomato flavour in these stick snacks. Shut your eyes and its almost like having a margarita pizza in stick form. If you are not sure, do what we did and eat them all one after the other just to be on the safe side!

Beskidzkie Nadziewane

These salty shelled stick type snacks are commonly found in houses across Poland and are similar in texture to pretzels in the UK. We can’t wait to dish them up to our guests over the holidays as part of our festive snack table.

Familyne Wafle

A delicious crunchy wafer biscuit with a zingy lemon filling, these are a true delight which will have you coming back for more. The classic polish biscuit will soon be a family favourite with everyone in your household.


One for kids and adults alike, these wafer bars coated with milk chocolate and filled with a cocoa cream filling are delicious with a cup of tea as an after-dinner treat. Be sure to get your hands on this one quickly as they will be sure to go as soon as the box is open.

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Welcome to your November box! What better way to get through the winter months than some lovely biscuits to devour as the weather turns that bit colder.  This month we head to Turkey, a country which you may not associate as being a biscuit capital of the world but that’s what we love about this country, – its ability to constantly surprise!  One of the oldest civilisations in the world, Turkey is full of wonder and excitement and the biscuits don’t disappoint either. Turkey is also home to one of the largest producers of tea so we recommend getting hold of some traditional Riza Tea to accompany with this bumper sized box. Enjoy!
Halley Snack
Think Wagon Wheels without the jam. These bitesize biscuit goodies have a great texture, the combination of the soft gooeyness of the marshmallow and the crunchiness of biscuit makes every bite as delicious as the last.
Biskrem Apple
These biscuits are definitely the marmite of the box. One half of the Biscuit Baron duo loved them and the other wasn’t too keen. They are basically apple pie in biscuit form so love or hate them, you decide!
Eti Puf
The founder of Eti, Firuz Kanatlı, created the company in 1961 in an aim to bring a taste of happiness across Turkey. He believed that each biscuit he produced was a little ray of happiness and we definitely have to agree with him. These are probably our favourite in this month’s box and we love how convenient and deliciously moreish they are! Marshmallow has never tasted so good!
Rondo Classic with Strawberry Cream
A much-loved biscuit across the country and we can see why. The delicious strawberry flavour sandwiched in a buttery textured biscuit has made it a firm favourite in all well stocked biscuit tins in Turkey.
Crunchy and moreish with a brilliant texture for dunking, these are ideal for the biscuit lovers who enjoy a classic chocolate chip cookie. Stick the kettle on, pour a cup of your favourite hot drink and get dunking!
Biskrem Cherry with Chocolate
Containing a Chocolate and Cherry filling, we think these deliciously unique biscuits contain a combination of flavours which work brilliantly together. Warning, once the packet is opened, it won’t take long until you to have devoured them all, leaving just a trail crumbs around you as evidence.

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Welcome to your October Biscuit Baron Box! This month we head to China, one of the most densely populated countries in the world and the home of tea, Tai Chi and Feng Shui. When you think of China, most people don’t automatically think of biscuits which is why we were so excited to sample some of the goodies popular in this country. We definitely recommend making yourself comfy and sitting down with a cup of Chinese tea for this box!

Fortune Cookies,

The origin of these instantly recognisable cookies is something that has been heavily debated throughout the years. Despite it being unlikely that they are a Chinese tradition (There is in fact no direct translation in the Chinese language), they have become an iconic desert in Chinese Restaurants across the world. Encased in each of these cookies is that small white piece of paper which has your ultimate destiny on it! It’s no surprise that ours informed us that we will be travelling and eating more biscuits.

Garden Wafers

The company who makes these delicious strawberry wafers was founded in 1926 by two cousins, Tse Fong Cheung and Wah O. Wong. As well as making biscuits they also specialise in bread which they supplied to the Chinese Army during World War 2. We have tried similar biscuits in the UK but love the distinct strawberry flavour that these wafers offer.

Hello Panda- Matcha Tea flavour

Although not produced in China these adorable biscuit characters are widely popular in the area. With the origin of all tea being from China, matcha tea flavoured ones seemed like a natural choice for our box and we couldn’t wait to try them! Matcha tea which translates as powdered green tea is believed to have been developed by Japanese Buddhists who brought the tea back from China and prepared it as part of their rituals. What we want to know is whether the health benefits of this tea still count if it is in biscuit form…

Egg Rolls

This sweet egg roll is nothing like what you would expect. Each roll of flaky goodness has a melt in your mouth crumbly texture. This biscuit can often be found being made along the road side in certain regions of China and is usually made with only 4 basic ingredients! We found that these were not great for dunking in tea so decided to dunk ours in melted chocolate instead which we thought was a match made in heaven.

Pejoy- Cheese Cake flavour

Light, Crispy and sweet, we just couldn’t put down these tube-shaped biscuits! The hint of cream cheese wrapped in a sweet shell is strong enough to really get a taste of cheese cake without overpowering it. At The Biscuit Baron we love to mix things up and paired these up with a big bowl of ice cream which instantly jazzed up our after dinner desert.

Want Want Rice Crackers

This month’s savoury option saw us choose a very unique flavoured rice cracker. We had tasted many others and found them to be rather bland but this cannot be said about these strong flavoured crackers. These light and airy snacks that hint at a taste of the orient, are both hot and spicy and have a slight BBQ note. We replaced our usual prawn crackers with these and found them to be a refreshing change which added a new depth to our Chinese takeaway.

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We wanted to start The Biscuit Barons journey somewhere familiar but somewhere that would also let you experience an unique flavour and taste a selection of delicious biscuits you may have never tried before! Italy being the home of good food and coffee, seemed like the natural choice!

When choosing our biscuits, we tried to select flavours which would transport your taste buds to Italy itself so we included Biscotto (The Italian word for biscuits) bursting with traditional almond, lemon and olive flavours. Flavours which we think are the perfect accompaniment to a hot cup of Italian coffee.

Here is the rundown of the exciting biscuits packed into our first box:

Tenerezze Limone Mulino Bianco 

When we picked these, we imagined ourselves sitting outside a little cafe in the Italian sun, sipping a cappuccino and delving into these delicate little lemon biscuits. These are probably our favourite in the box and if you haven’t quite got that image from looking at them, wait till you try them!

Biscottone Cantucini Cioccolat

Although the modern version of this biscuit is from Tuscany, these twice baked goods can be traced back to Ancient roman times where they were carried by travellers and soldiers alike for long journeys. We can sum them up in two words, delightfully moreish!

Amaretti Balocco

Amaretti have been around since the 17th Century and have been a classic Italian biscuit ever since. We love the way these bite size biscuits melt in the mouth and give a wonderful burst of almond flavour.

Sfoglie Olive Olivia & Marino 

We weren’t sure what to expect with these. We hoped that the olive flavour would be distinct and we were not disappointed! We loved snacking on these with some cream cheese and a sneaky glass of wine in the evening.


Ringo Tubo Vaniglia 

Do you Ringo? We certainly do now! This is the catch phrase coined for these fun-filled sandwich biscuits created in 1967. We think these are great for sharing with all the family including those young at heart adults.

Meet our new Biscuit Taster!

As part of the launch of your new Biscuit subscription box, we wanted to mark the occasion with a once in a lifetime competition to become our official biscuit taster for an entire year. We had lots of entries from enthused biscuit lovers from all across the UK but alas we could only have one winner. We are now delighted to tell you that the jammy person who won this amazing prize was Claire from London.
Claire is originally from Glasgow but now lives in London with her husband and 3-year old daughter. She tells us that she enjoys days out learning about animals and exploring the local area. She is also learning to bake together with her family and they have just mastered chocolate chip cookies. Her favourite biscuit is a fig roll or a garibaldi!
Claire is going to be reviewing The Biscuit Baron Box for us every month so watch out for her posts and reviews!
Don’t worry though, you may not be our official biscuit taster but you can still get your hands on one of our delicious boxes. Just visit our home and you could be receiving amazing and unique biscuits in no time!

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