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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can you believe it’s 2019 already – where did 2018 go?!

The New Year is celebrated all around the globe, but Chinese New Year is also a major “new year” event, celebrated by over 20% of the world – including London, Sydney, San Francisco and South Korea, which brings us to this month’s box!

We chose South Korea in homage to the Chinese New Year – or “Seollal” as it is known in Korea – which both start on the first day of the lunar calendar. This year the celebration starts on the 5th February. See below for details on the biscuits included in this month’s box!

Lotte Custard Pies
Hugely popular in South Korea, these custard cakes are the ideal tea-time treat. Light and fluffy with a sweet vanilla custard filling they were a winner with the team here at The Biscuit Baron!

Ingredients: egg,sugar,wheat flour,d-sorbitol,shortening (partially hydrogenated oil (palm oil,soybean oil,rapeseed oil),partially hydrogenated palm olein oil,soy lecithin,tocopherol,rapeseed oil,propylene glycol esters of fatty acids,glycerin esters of fatty acids),vegetable oil (rice bran oil,rapeseed oil,palm oil,tocopherol),emulsifier 1 (soybean oil,d-sorbitol,glycerin esters of fatty acids,propylence glycol esters of fatty acids,sucrose esters of fatty acids),water,skim milk powder,lactose,emulsifier 2 (d-sorbitol,glycerin esters of fatty acids,propylene glycol,sucrose esters of fatty acids,sorbitan esters of fatty acids),maltose powder,whole milk powder,egg yolk powder,alcohol,polydextrose,glycerin,maple syrup,salt,white wine,artificial flavours (custard,vanilla,brandy),palm extract.
Made in a factory which contains egg,wheat,soy bean,milk,crab

Crown Peanut Sand Cookies
If you like peanut butter you’ll love these! A delicious crispy biscuit with a layer of smooth peanut flavoured filling – definitely moreish and great with a tea or coffee!

Ingredients: wheat flour(wheat), shortenings(soybean), sugar, dextrin, peanut butter, grape sugar, milk, whole egg liquid(egg), crushed peanut, sodium hydrogen carbonate, sweet whey powder, malt, antioxidant[e322, e306], salt, artificial flavour

Samjin Black Sesame Rice Pie
Based on the popular Asian snack “mochi” these treats are a jelly-like texture made from rice filled with a sweet sesame paste and coated with chocolate – definitely different!

Ingredients:Ogligosaccharide, chocolate, sugar, lecithin, maltitol syrup, corn starch, maltodextrinm black sesame paste, glutinous rice, cyclodextrin syrupm vegetable cream powder, sugar, vegetable fat, glucose, salt, wheat flour, graun, alcohol, glycerin esters of fatty acid, sorbitan esters of fatty acids, flavouring.

Haitai Ace Cracker
The most savoury one in this month’s box, these Ace crackers are delicate and crispy with a slightly salty flavor. Great on their own on try topping with your favourite spread or cheese!

Ingredients: wheat flour,shortening(vegetable fat and oil,palm olein oil,palm oil),mixed oil,sugar,processed cereal,dextrose,dry whole milk,salt,milk powder cream,leavening agent,artificial flavouring compounds(milk flavour),vitaminb1,vitaminb2,yeast,enzyme preparation,wheat flour.

Lotte Choco Pie
Despite the name, these are more akin to a UK Wagonwheel than a “pie” as we know it! Two soft biscuit layers cover a marshmallow centre, all coated with chocolate making it an indulgent treat.

Ingredients: wheat flour,sugar,corn syrup,,vegetable fat (partially hydrogenated palm oil,shortening (partially hydrogenated palm oil,coconut oil),d-sorbitol.cocoa powder,whole milk powder,lactose,leavening (ammonum bicarbonate,sodium bicarbonate,mono-calcium phosphate),cocoa mass,salt,emulsifier (soy lecithin,mono&diglyceride),vanillin,hydrolized milkprotien,artificial vanilla flavour

Lotte Peppero – Various
These crispy, stick-shaped biscuits are hugely popular in Korea, so much so that they even have a national day where people exchange the biscuits on the 11th February! Available in multiple flavours, often dipped or coated with chocolate, cookies, or nuts. We’ve included a variety in each box from white cookie, choco coated, choco filled, and almond – which one did you get?

Ingredients:  wheat flour,sugar,cocoa mass,vegetable fat,shortening (palm oil,tocopherol,lactose,egg,processedbutter,whole milk powder,sodium phosphate tribasic,ammonium bicarbonate,sodium bicarbonate,salt,almond powder,whey permeate powder,emulsifier (lecithin,glycerin esters of fatty acids),artificial flavours (chocolate,vanillin,condensed milk,vanilla),papain.
Ingredients: wheat flour, almond, sugar, cocoa mass vegetable oil, shortening, cocoa preparation, processed cereal
sodium hydrogen carbonate, malt syrup, almond powder, salt, potato powder, fructose, lactose, monoglycerides(soybean)
artificial flavor(vanilla, chocolate, cocoa)yeast,enzyme.
Ingredients: Chocolate, sweet whey powder, milk sugar, buttermilk(milk), palm oil, milk cream, cocoa mass, shortening, blended edible oil, lecithin(soybean), artificial flavour(vanilla, vanillin), wheat flour, corn starch, sugar, vegetable oil, malt extract, salt, mineral salt[e524], artificial flavor(palm bread, vanilla), rice kernel oil. 
White cookie:
Ingredientssugar, milk sugar, cocoa butter, wheat flour, shortening, palm oil, egg,
processed butter, yeast, cocoa powder, salt, fructose.

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Read all about our Finnish box!

As it is December it would be unwise not to feature a festive country therefore it is off to Finland – home of Lapland and reindeer. We featured five well known biscuits that it is likely Mr Claus himself enjoys with his hot cup of choice!

Kantolan Ballerina Mustikka
In Finland and many other Scandinavian countries, the production and consumption of berries is greater than many European countries. Popular varieties such as the lingonberry are perhaps better known than the bilberry. This is Finland’s native version of the blueberry and was the main ingredient in the jam portion of this biscuit. This was recently switched to the more well known blueberry, a much sweeter berry which requires less added sugar to taste.

Fazer Domino Original
Produced by the countries main baking company Fazer, the Domino biscuit has enduring popularity that spans generations and does not seem to have any other explanation than the unique taste experience of white vanilla combined with a dark cocoa biscuit. Produced since 1953 it now forms the backbone of the company where they market it under the slogan “The Classics do not age”.

TÖYSÄLÄINEN: Traditional Gingerbread cookies
It’s the festive season and as we are featuring a Scandinavian country – we had to include some gingerbread cookies. Lightly spiced and perfect with any hot drink these are sure to be a popular addition to this month’s box, and our personal favourite to take the Scoffability crown for this month. Typically eaten around Christmas time but due to ever increasing popularity these are now available year-round.

Jyväshyvä: Oat Cookies
These golden oat cookies were created to go alongside coffee of which the Finnish people are the European top consumers. Despite this, one of the main uses for these biscuits have been in baking, often used as a base to delights such as cheesecakes. Either way they are a tasty, light and certainy moreish biscuit however you decide to use them.

Kulta Marie
The Marie biscuit is Europe’s version of our Rich Tea biscuits. Differing as the Marie biscuit is typically Vanilla flavoured unlike the Rich Tea version but this Finnish example is also made with Vegetable oil. A perfect fit for a cup of tea, we are sure this one will score highly on your Dunkability section. With history dating back to the Royal wedding in 1874, could this indeed be the most dunked biscuit?

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Read all about our Pakistani box!

November’s box sees us travel to Pakistan, a country with rich cultural heritage and home to some amazing food. Sharing a culinary influence with Northern India, Pakistan is home to some incredible curries as well as some top sweet dishes such as Faluda. Faluda contains a rich combination of ice cream, flavored milk, jelly, and colorful vermicelli is perfect for a hearty and filling dessert. The brightly coloured vermicelli also makes it very Instagram-able!

Moving towards the items more likely to accompany a Pakistani Chai Tea, for our November box we provided a selection of six biscuits for you to try. Featuring some traditional packaging styles – as well as some more “Westernised” designs they also had some unique flavours suited to the region.

Rio – A branding that wouldn’t be amiss on some UK supermarket shelves.

These sandwich biscuits are made by the most popular biscuit brand in Pakistan: EBM. EBM stands for English Biscuit Manufacturer and despite the name are not marketed in the UK! These Rio biscuits were the first biscuit in Pakistan to be made with double cream making for a rich flavour. The strong vanilla taste here is reminiscent of custard or vanilla pudding!

Nan Khatai – This traditional Pakistani biscuits were incredibly moreish and would go great with an evening tea!

Nan Khatai are a traditional baked shortbread biscuit popular in Pakistan. Literally translated as “Bread Biscuit” these are a light, crumbly biscuit with a sweet, buttery taste. Introduced in 2015 from EBM, these allowed consumers to readily purchase the traditional biscuit reminiscent of many childhoods.

Mombo – It seems that every country has their own version of a sandwich biscuit and Mombo is Pakistan’s version. How does this one rate to the others?

Another popular brand in Pakistan, these Mombo biscuits by KGN are rich and really, really chocolatey! Two chocolate sandwich biscuits filled with a rich chocolate cream, we think these will be just the ticket when you need a chocolate hit!

Peanut Pista – The nutty blend that I didn’t know I needed.

Introduced in 1984 following the success of their fellow biscuit Peanut Pik – the first to introduce nuts to biscuits! – Peanut Pista are a short, crumbly biscuit with a unique blend of pistachios and peanuts. Sweet, nutty and dunkable. If you like nuts, these are for you!

Click – The most different to anything that we have tried before. A taste reminiscent of pilau rice!

The not-so-sweet option in the box this month comes in the form of the cumin flavoured Click biscuits! Slightly sweet with a very savoury aftertaste, these contain cumin seeds (or Zeera!) which are a very popular Pakistani flavour. It might just be us, but it really reminded us of pilau rice flavours! Deliciously different to what we’re used.

Jam Delight – Sweet with strawberry jam, it was always going to be a winner in our books!

Another member of the EBM family, these Jam Delight biscuits are perfect for that someone with a very sweet tooth! A light, soft vanilla flavoured biscuit topped with a sweet strawberry jam – they’re Pakistan’s answer to the Jammie Dodger popular in UK!

Where will our next adventure take us? Well it is December and with boxes arriving just before Christmas it would be improper of us to not do something festive!

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Read All About Our Portuguese Box


October’s box sees us travel to Portugal, well-known for its port, football and Pastéis de Nata (egg custard tarts!). With a wealth of history and culture, what you may not know much about are Portugal’s biscuits! Read below to see what we selected to go into our Portugal box.

Nacional Max Strawberry Wafers

These wafers were a surprising texture! The wafer texture differed slightly from biscuits we’re used to here in the UK. Mixed with the creamy straw berry filling, we think the flavouring is reminiscent of a straw berry ice cream cone. The brand Nacional is extremely popular in Portugal, priding itself on Portuguese ingredients as per their slogan “O que e Nacional e bom” – what is national is good!

Diatosta Whole Wheat Toast

These twice baked rusk-like toasts are another item that would have been popular amongst sailors and travellers due to their ability to remain unspoilt for long periods of time. These toasts go extremely well with the topping of your choice – sweet or savoury. We tried these with the options of jam and cream cheese and both made for a delicious snack. Keep an eye out for our blog on recommended toppings!

Cuetara Ricanela Biscuits

These extremely moreish biscuits are light and, crispy with a cinnamon flavour throughout. With a sprinkling of sugar on top they are a delicious sweet treat. A firm favourite at The Biscuit Baron HQ! Slightly reminiscent of Christmas thanks to the spice used, cinnamon is actually a very popular flavouring in Portugal – and is actually used often in savoury dishes such as stews.

Bolacha Belga tipo Caseiro

Belga translates into English as Belgian and these crisp biscuit takes its inspiration from just there. Featuring the waffling texture most accustomed to Belgium and Holland although normally softer these crisp biscuits go well with any hot drink of choice. Not too sweet they make a great option if you fancy a light tea accompaniment but nothing too sickly.

Bolacha de Água e Sal

Translating as Water and Salt these water biscuits have a long history mostly favoured with sailors due to their ability to travel long distances without spoiling. These are popular in Portugal today and is perhaps an added homage to Portugal’s successful maritime history with the added sea salt ingredient.

What did you think of Portugal’s biscuit selection? Let us know – share your score card on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. 

We’ve just discovered that fizzy coffee exists, and we have one important question…


Cancel my usual low-foam, skinny, double-shot, extra hot with hazelnut syrup latte please. Sign me up for a fizzy coffee!

Recognise that phrase? If not, you’re not alone! We’ve just discovered carbonated coffee is a thing in the UK, and has been for a while!

This bubbly take on the traditional morning beverage actually originated in Italy, where espressos are often served with a glass of sparkling water on the side. Did anyone go full-Italian with our last box from Italy and try this with their biscuits?

In order to stay on-trend and unique, restaurants and coffee bars are even offering a serve with the likes of tonic water or lemonade.

The coffee-based drink is often sweetened slightly with fruit juice or syrup.

It does sound refreshing, and we do love discovering something new, but we have one really important question…

Can you still dunk???

What do you think of this Italian twist on your morning coffee? Have you discovered any unusual drinks you wish were brought to your hometown?

5 Reasons to Buy an International Subscription Box


5 Reasons to Buy an International Subscription Box

As I’m sure we’re all aware, there’s a subscription box for almost everything out there these days, especially food: chocolate, cakes, chillies, herbs, honey, pasta, meat, cheese to name a few! But International subscription boxes – that is, boxes that provide items from different countries – bring something that little bit different: an experience of different cultures and traditions.

Countries around the world have their own traditions, popular flavours, textures and history attached to food, and a subscription box is a great way to experience some of these on a regular basis straight to your door!

That’s why we think The Biscuit Baron is an ideal choice – after all, who doesn’t love a biscuit? As Brits, we are a nation of biscuit lovers and what better way to experience different cultures than through a traditionally British element.

  1. Try New Things

Every country has their own flavours and textures they are accustomed to. Spain use aniseed, Bulgaria use almonds, Thailand like pineapple – and these flavours all are often translated into biscuits! Different from the usual flavourings used in the UK, these biscuits are still very tasty and a great way to try something new.

  1. Learn Something New

Each box from The Biscuit Baron contains a fact sheet with some fun facts on the country that month – information on the history, culture and traditions, as well as some information on the biscuits themselves! So not only are you getting a box of scrumptious biscuits, you’re also learning something you might not have known before!

  1. Great for Sharing

With a score card in each box letting you rate each biscuit on features such as “dunkability”, the boxes are great for sharing. Everyone has different preferences and favourites and so you’re sure to agree and disagree throughout! A great gift idea too, these biscuit boxes make a lovely change from your standard box of chocolates.

  1. Surprise Each Month

Each box is a surprise, with the country theme of each box kept secret before you receive it! Like a gift to yourself each month, the boxes bring a small sense of excitement – what will I receive this month? What new flavours will there be? Who can I share them with this month?

  1. Value for Money

We know at The Biscuit Baron that everyone wants value for money, that’s why we work hard to ensure our boxes bring you value. Consider what you spend on your weekly shop on biscuits and snacks… £2.50? £3? That’s up to £12 per month. Our boxes start at £13.33 per month including postage – with 5-8 full size packs of biscuits, and the added value of learning and trying new things, so we like to think we’re not priced too excessively!

Read all about our Italian box!


September sees us move to Italy. Home to many incredible structures, history but most importantly food – we were therefore guaranteed some good biscuits! Let’s see what our September box had in store.


A flavour which translates as “a little bitter” and can be found throughout Italy usually by the name “biscotti da credenza” which is a phrase meaning biscuits that can be left out on the kitchen sideboard for a long time. They were traditionally wrapped in individual small paper ties which would be set alight after eaten to symbolise a wish. Commonly served alongside an espresso or black coffee in which they are to be dunked.


Taralli are small ring-shaped products with twisted ends typical of southern regions of Italy. In these regions, an aperitif must be served with taralli, olives and vegetables in oil. Originating as a salty product there are many sweet versions produced around holidays such as Christmas and Easter. We have provided a flavour synonymous with Italy – Pizza!


Described by the bakers of Italy as a fragrant and crumbly short pastry containing a tender filling of velvety lemon cream, to give life to an irresistible biscuit. These soft, lemon biscuits remind us of the centre of a Bakewell tart, but lemon flavoured! Very moreish, and a wonderful treat with a cappuccino.


Typically eaten as a breakfast biscuit alongside a glass of milk these Pan Di Stelle (“Starry Bread”) were one of the first biscuits produced by the Mulino Bianco brand. They are a chocolate pastry biscuit made with cocoa and hazelnuts, decorated with sugar stars, with the idea of representing the night sky of the Italian countryside.


Constructed under the guidance of paediatricians and dieticians, Ringos were aimed at children and teenagers and designed to provide energy but not be heavy to eat. They take their form today as a two-toned filled biscuits following a visit to America where a growing trend of teenagers were taking inspiration from. This also resulted in the now iconic tubular shape.


Millefoglie is a multilayered pastry similar to the French Mille-feuille and our vanilla slice, and are often sandwiched or topped with a sweet filling. In Italy, they are common as savoury items and are frequently enjoyed in a version consisting of pastry layers with spinach and cheese or pesto. We have provided a plain buttered version for you to enjoy on their own or with a topping of your choice.

Read all about our Thai box!


Travelling further afield this month – our August box comes to you from the home of tuk-tuks, floating markets and the most incredible beaches. It is of course – Thailand!


These Pocky are light little stick-like biscuits with a flavoured coating. This variety has a rather unusual flavour for a biscuit – Mango! Fruity and crisp, they make a refreshing change from a chocolate biscuit and you definitely can’t have just one!


These fish fillet skewers are a popular Thai snack. Although not a biscuit as we know them, they are most commonly enjoyed as a snack with a drink. Available in a multitude of flavours, this example is a barbecue flavour, and (we think!) is reminiscent of a prawn cracker flavouring.


Preserved in a method most familiar with time gone by, these salted plums are very popular in Asian countries and varieties are found throughout the continent. This Thai brand are a popular snack and usually enjoyed as an ingredient in cocktails as well as a snack alongside a mix of drinks.


A popular flavouring in Thailand, biscuits are no exception to pineapple! These biscuits are crunchy biscuit layers with a pineapple jam sandwiched in the middle. These reminded us of the UK biscuit “Jammie Dodgers”, but with a tropical twist!


Rice crackers are well-associated with Thailand, and are popular all over the world. These rice crackers are made with coconut milk, creating a mildly sweet flavour along with the oriental Thai flavour they are well known for.

Read all about our Bulgarian box


This month we travel to Bulgaria and try the delights they have to offer. Despite being a nation where tea isn’t extremely popular, the variety of biscuits available was vast and we hope you enjoy the varied selection we have chosen. Although we’re all about biscuits Bulgaria also has a fantastic selection of cheese! There are so many varieties of cheese on offer in
Bugaria, with some of the best being the ubiquitous “white” cheese – usually goat or sheep’s cheese. Some Bulgarians will actually argue that they “invented” feta cheese, and that the Greeks stole it from them. Try a traditional Shopska salad (tomato, cucumber, onion, pepper, and white cheese), reminiscent of a Greek salad!

Bulgaria’s history stretches back  thousands of years – further back than communism, the Ottomans, and even the Romans. The ancient Roman influence on
Bulgaria can still be found in many of the countries cities, though. You’ll find Roman baths in Varna, ruins in Sofia, and a
mostly-in-tact Roman theater in Plovdiv (that is still used today for plays and concerts!)

Also, Bulgaria is one of only a handful of countries in the world where a shake of the head means “yes” and a nod means “no.” This can, of course, be confusing when you’re trying to converse through gestures with a local who doesn’t speak English.

Ok, back to the biscuits…

Prestige Mirage Biscuits with Apricot Cream

A chocolate sandwich biscuit with a milk chocolate coating and a flavour popular in Bulgaria – apricots! Bulgarians traditionally make compotes with fruit such as this, but we think it makes a great flavour addition to this biscuit.

Agi Kourabiedes “white biscuits” with Almonds

A very popular biscuit in Bulgaria, these sweet, crescent-shaped biscuits are made with almonds to create a light and
crumbly texture. Finished with a generous dusting of icing sugar, they are all too moreish!

Heli Wafers with Cream and Biscuit

A slightly different wafer than you may be used to, these wafers are soft – not crisp. The thick plain wafer is sandwiched with a cookies & cream flavoured filling. Different, but tasty!

Crystal Plain Biscuits with Butter

Something for those with less of a sweet-tooth, these plain biscuits are thick and crisp, with a neutral, buttery taste. A great accompaniment to a cup of tea, though be warned if you’re a “dunker” – these may soak up quite a bit of tea!

Prestige Trayana Biscuits

Another biscuit from the top biscuit producer in Bulgaria, these are a firm favourite. A crunchy biscuit with a chocolate outer coating, in a tradtional ring shape, these are a winner all round! Try with a Turkish coffee for a Bulgarian

Balkan Cocoa Cream Sandwich Cake

A cake-style sweet treat with light sponge layers, coated with a milk chocolate outer layer and a smooth chocolate cream centre. Although not technically a biscuit, this style of treat is popular with a hot drink.


Read all about our Greek box


We travel to a country with sunnier climes than our previous box. Greece is a country known for its history, being the birthplace of the Olympics and a popular tourist destination with over 1000 islands. In fact, over 11 million people visit Greece each year (more than the countries entire population!), and so maybe one of these snacks will bring back memories of a previous holiday!

The iconic biscuit of the Papadopoulos brand which has been serving Greece for the last 96 years. A brand born out of a refugee family forced by ship to Marseille following the Asia Minor destructions. When stopping to refuel and visiting a nearby coffee shop they discovered that Greece had not yet discovered the wonders of biscuits. The following morning they “missed” their boat to Marseille and chose to stay in Greece. They set up a local bakery that has now grown into the worldwide brand that it is today – shipping to over 40 countries and 5 different continents. The Caprice biscuits are the brands most recognisable item and are enjoyed as a daily treat as well as for special occasions; often served at dinner parties frozen and accompanied with dessert.

These biscuits are a sandwich biscuit featuring a chocolate centre. Enjoyed in Greece in many delicious flavours, including chocolate, lemon, orange, strawberry, banana, and vanilla. They date back to the turn of the 20th Century where several companies brought out their own versions including a company by the name of Oreo. Much the same in design the biscuit is often stamped with that company’s logo or a design that is fitting with that brand – the Papadopoulos logo can be seen on the variety provided. Often these sandwich biscuits are larger and thinner than the ones included, which were designed to appeal to a younger market and are seen as a snack for a toddler age group and above.

Round shaped cookies are a mainstay in many countries’ biscuit repertoire but in Greece, they have a history that dates back to times when the country was occupied by Turkey. Legend has it that they were crescent-shaped during this time in deference to the Turkish flag. However, while crescent-shaped cookies can still be found, after Greece regained independence from Turkey people in many parts of the country resumed making them in thick slabs, balls or shaped like little pears. Here we present the more modern rounded cookie shape in a chocolate orange flavour. A combination that was often used in home baking products in Greece due to the abundance of citrus trees growing in families’ gardens and the need to use up the fallen fruit

Light and crisp wafers filled with Geek chocolate is an ideal snack biscuit for those pesky three o’clock stomach rumbles. These biscuits were designed in order to suppress the hunger in the late afternoon or after school. On average a Greek family eat very late at night, sometimes as late as 10 pm so these biscuits were a perfect light snack. Now found with various fillings these wafers are often designed to fit in with national events – there has previously been World Cup-themed and Olympic themed wafers where the biscuit layers were made up of the colours from the Olympic rings.

Miranda biscuits are a firm favourite with Greek mothers and were voted as the number one biscuit used as part of their children’s nutrition. This led to the company changing the slogan that they had previously used to “Miranda: The taste we grow up with!”. With the aim of combining great tastes with fond memories of childhood, Miranda biscuits are marketed to be enjoyed at any age as well as a great choice for children’s breakfast, and school snacks.  Now available in many different flavours, they are a classic flavour combination and handy size that are well recognised in Greece.

The name of these biscuits “Allatini” is also the name of a historic flour milling company founded in 1858 by Moses Allatini and his brother in Thessaloniki. Over the next few decades the company expanded, and in the 1930s the mills were the biggest in the Balkans. Despite the company changing hands many times the company still produces biscuits made with the Allatini flour to this day. These Allatini Petit-beurre biscuits were winners of the Product of the Year 2014 in the snacks category at the event  showcasing the most innovative mass market products in Greece. These biscuits make a great breakfast or quick snack and can be topped with jams or marmalades – or dunk them in your tea for a British twist!

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