Sophie Whittaker

Job Role: Marketing | Tea: With milk, half a sugar (specific), and fairly strong Loves a chai tea. | Favourite biscuit: Too many!

christmas biscuits subscription box gift idea

Christmas Biscuit Reveal #2

If you still can’t wait to see what’s inside our special Christmas box, we’ve got ANOTHER sneak peek!Discover a sneak preview of one of the biscuits below… WARNING: if you’ve clicked by accident – spoilers are ahead, so look away now! And the biscuit is… Delicious ‘Greek Christmas cookies’… the crumbliest, most buttery, delicious shortbread …

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morrisons biscuit pizza gingerbread the biscuit baron gift

Morrisons Biscuit Pizza – A Pizza Topped with Biscuits?!

Morrisons biscuit pizza is now available! Supermarket giant Morrisons is going Christmas daft at the pizza counter this year, with two dessert varieties specially created for the festive season. Well know for their pizzas, Morrisons have really taken the biscuit – we mean REALLY. They have literally PUT. BISCUITS. ON. TOP. OF. PIZZA. Now, this …

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