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McDonald’s New Deal: 2 free hot drinks after buying 5

A change in 2020 means that McDonald’s are now allowing customers to collect stickers for hot drinks on their mobile app. Also, only five stickers are required to claim this deal, opposed to six which was the old deal.

McDonalds drinks

However, you can still collect the tokens from the physical cups which will gain you an extra hot drink. This will save you between £1.78 and £3.56 which is a great offer!

This is available for all hot drinks on the McCafe menu at a regular size. Clever customers have been taking advantage of this deal and are saving money on their coffees everyday.

In addition to this, McDonald’s have also released vegan products such as the veggie dippers which are a permanent addition to the menu. This is a real benefit to the company as these are very popular amongst healthy eaters and specific diets.

Let us know if you use the McDonald’s free drinks trick!

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Costa’s Newest Release – A pink hot chocolate

Costa has rewarded us with a new addition to the January 2020 menu. A ruby hot chocolate that is perfect for Instagram has been launched and customers are loving it.

Costa Pink Hot Chocolate

The drink is made from ruby cocoa beans, which are the ingredient that make it naturally bright pink in colour. It also has a fruity taste, which just adds to the uniqueness of the hot chocolate.

In addition to this beautiful drink that is priced at £3.35, Costa have also added three more hot beverages to their menu all Coconut flavoured;

  • Latte – £2.55
  • Flat White – £2.70
  • Hot Chocolate – £3.35

Although these drinks are also popular, customers seem to have taken to the pink drink the most. This is likely due to it being so aesthetically pleasing to share online to social media – giving Costa more publicity.

We think this hot chocolate is a dream for posting online and can’t wait to see more of it!

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Do you know why Bourbon Biscuits have holes in them?

Have you ever thought to yourself, why do Bourbon biscuits have holes in them? Also, why don’t all biscuits have this?

Bourbon Biscuit

Mark Greenwell, on Channel 4’s Food Unwrapped has revealed there is a valid reason why Bourbon biscuits have holes in them. He states that these small holes in the biscuits are needed to allow for steam to escape. If it wasn’t for the holes – the biscuits would be likely to break. In order to achieve an even texture, the biscuit should have as little steam in it as possible.

This would explain why biscuits such as Ginger Nuts have no holes in them as they are intended to snap.

When producing Ginger Nut biscuits, the steam is kept inside the biscuit which enables it to snap perfectly. The trapped heat caramelises the sugar in the biscuit which creates a similar texture a boiled sweet.

This can explain how Ginger Nut achieve their iconic snap unlike Bourbon biscuits which are made to dunk without snapping them!

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Tesco are putting personalised names on Toblerone Chocolate this Christmas

For Christmas, fans of Toblerone chocolate can now get their favourite treat personalised in Tesco stores! The receivers’ name will be printed across the packaging to give a personalised touch to the standard present of chocolate. This is a great idea for people who want to give these as a gift for the festive season as it is so unique and easily stands out.

Personalised Toblerone

These personalised Toblerones can be purchased throughout November and December 2019 in selected Tesco stores across the UK.

To receive the personalised packaging, customers must buy two Toblerone bars priced at £3.50 each – the named sleeve is then free. They come in all sorts of flavours such as fruit and nut, coconut, white chocolate and the original milk chocolate.

For the customers who’s local Tesco don’t offer this deal – you can still personalise your Toblerone bar online here.

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Glasgow’s most Instagrammable coffee shops

The way to catch-up with family and friends in our busy lives is always to ‘grab a quick coffee.’ The trend to capture anything that looks aesthetically pleasing has become easier with Glasgow’s beautiful coffee shops. These aren’t just photos of your standard morning coffee, the following cafes provide Instagram-worthy treats to share with your followers.

Instagram Coffee Shop
Instagram Cafe in Glasgow

Okashi, Gray Street – This Cafe in Finnieston makes for the best posts with their unique treats. Alongside your standard coffee, they also provide homemade vegan cakes, sandwiches and soups. They are known for their signature unicorn latte – which is a dream for making flawless Instagram posts.

Rawnchy, Maryhill Road – The idea is: “to provide healthy, all natural and uncooked tasty treats to be enjoyed guilt-free and without detriment to your body.” This means that while being brilliant content for social media, food is fresh and actually good for you!

Locker 1012, Argyle Street – This coffee shop attracts Instagram-lovers with their treats topped with edible flowers and its pink interior. Locker 1012 now has a full open sandwich menu and protein superbowl salads – all which are photogenic and perfect for social media.

Market Coffee, Cathcart Road – The couple John and Kate Spiers have opened a flawless Southside cafe. This shop provides vegan and gluten-free cakes with delicious hot drinks that customers love to upload.

Space, Dumbarton Road – This coffee shop has a stunning online presence on their Instagram. They sell tea, coffee and sweet treats – in addition to this, the cafe is dog friendly!

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New York’s Bandit opens a ‘mobile-only’ coffee shop

There is a new way to purchase your morning coffee in New York at The Bandit Coffee shop. This is a cafe where customers will not be served by an employee, instead they will download an app and place their order on their phone.

New York mobile-only coffee shop

The main idea of Bandits’ coffee shop is to make it the most convenient experience for their customers. People can order via their app, be notified when it will be ready and where to pick it up. This can take the stress out of rapidly trying to place an order at the till. These busy customers are now able to purchase with more ease.

This concept can be hard to grasp by people who are passing by the shop and don’t completely understand it. However, Bandit have multiple employees on the floor who are happy to assist anyone who may be confused.

Another benefit to this unique coffee shop is that the prices are kept lower than usual. Instead of the drinks being as high as $7 or $8 in competitor businesses such as Starbucks – many of Bandits drinks can be around $2.

Bandit are also experimenting with a $20 subscription deal that allows the customer to get an unlimited amount of $1 drinks for a month.

This new shop is bound to be a success, Bandit is extremely likely to fulfill many New Yorkers’ coffee needs!

How long will the UK customers have to wait until this genius mobile-only coffee shop idea is launched over here?

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Dad found rare chocolate from B&M costing 49p that could be worth £75

A shocked customer found a rare limited edition ‘twirl’ bar when shopping in B&M. The chocolate bar is known for only having two fingers whereas this one surprisingly had 3 instead!

Picture of rare Cadburys chocolate

Cadbury states that: “The reaction to the launch of Cadbury Twirl Orange has been incredible and the product is in very high demand across the country.”

Samuel May – the lucky customer, had been looking for this particular chocolate bar for a while now. The last thing he had expected would be that he would have discovered a rare version in the shop.

Cadbury has said that they unfortunately cannot confirm that there will be any more of these limited edition orange twirls. Samuel is hoping that this chocolate bar is the only one of it’s kind to make his discovery even more exciting and rare.

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A 25 year old Biscuit Tin kept in kitchen cupboard sells for £3,000

A couple have found an old Huntley and Palmers biscuit tin in their house that has been disregarded in one of their cupboards for many years. To this couples’ disbelief, when they brought the rare tin to an antique event – they discovered the biscuit tin is worth just over £3,000.

Rare Biscuit Tin

The 1929 collectors’ item is astounding as it still has its original cardboard box and has survived through disastrous events such as World War 2.

The couple were obviously delighted at this news, especially after hearing the biscuit tin could be worth around £1,000 – and it in the end sold for more.

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