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We’ve just discovered that fizzy coffee exists, and we have one important question…

  “Cancel my usual low-foam, skinny, double-shot, extra hot with hazelnut syrup latte please. Sign me up for a fizzy coffee!” Recognise that phrase? If not, you’re not alone! We’ve just discovered carbonated coffee is a thing in the UK, and has been for a while! This bubbly take on the traditional morning beverage actually…
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October 16, 2018 1

5 Reasons to Buy an International Subscription Box

  5 Reasons to Buy an International Subscription Box As I’m sure we’re all aware, there’s a subscription box for almost everything out there these days, especially food: chocolate, cakes, chillies, herbs, honey, pasta, meat, cheese to name a few! But International subscription boxes – that is, boxes that provide items from different countries –…
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September 18, 2018 0

Read all about our July box

Bulgaria This month we travel to Bulgaria and try the delights they have to offer. Despite being a nation where tea isn’t extremely popular, the variety of biscuits available was vast and we hope you enjoy the varied selection we have chosen. Although we’re all about biscuits Bulgaria also has a fantastic selection of cheese! There are…
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July 18, 2018 0

Read all about our June box

Χαίρετε We travel to a country with sunnier climes than our previous box. Greece is a country known for its history, being the birthplace of the Olympics and a popular tourist destination with over 1000 islands. In fact, over 11 million people visit Greece each year (more than the countries entire population!), and so maybe…
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June 29, 2018 0

Read all about our May box!

Sushki Sushki are traditional Russian small, crunchy, mildly sweet bread rings eaten for dessert, usually with tea. It is also common practice to dunk these biscuits due to the hard crunchy texture in order to soften them up. Upon baking they often have a piece of string threaded through them and they are then hung…
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May 15, 2018 0

Read all about our April Box!

A country famous for its chocolate, it’s not a far reach to say that other sweet treats are equally as delicious. A real mix of biscuits in this month’s box should certainly have your mouth watering. Lotus Speculoos Speculoos are thin, crunchy, caramelised biscuits traditionally baked to celebrate St. Nicholas’ day in Belgium. Similar to…
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April 15, 2018 0

Read All About Our March Box!

The month of March takes us to India – a country well known for its spices. You’d be forgiven, therefore, for overlooking the biscuits popular in India – but there are many! We’ve selected a few of the most popular varieties for you to try, with some surprising histories behind them too. SESAME SNAPS: Sesame…
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March 15, 2018 0
February Box Spain Biscuits

Read All About Our February Box!

It’s the shortest month of the year, but less days doesn’t mean less biscuits! This month we took our biscuit adventure to Spain – a country known for sunshine and siestas. We wanted to capture the traditional Spanish culture with this months’ biscuit selection, and each biscuit had its own history and story to tell.…
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February 25, 2018 0

Read all about our January Box

January can be a rather difficult month, Christmas is over and for most of us it is back to work and normality. That’s why the Biscuit Baron decided to travel to a country which boasts of warm and exotic climates, a country which will make you forget all about the January blues.  That country is…
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February 22, 2018 0

Read all about our December Box

Christmas will soon be upon us and to help celebrate the festive period, this month we have packed your box with delightful biscuits all the way from Poland. Unlike traditional Christmas in the UK, Christmas in Poland is generally celebrated on Christmas Eve which involves a day of fasting before feasting on sight of the…
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February 19, 2018 0