August Missing Item

Further guidance will be here regarding the missing item in due course. Thank you for your patience. 

For many of our subscribers who have been with us for a while know that both Sophie and I are transparent business owners who like to share when things are going well and not so well. This is not intended as a sob story or an excuse but I think it is important to understand the challenges we are facing at the moment. This month has, by far, been the most difficult in the 5 years that we have been running The Biscuit Baron. The pressure put on small businesses, just like us all at the moment, is huge.

I am therefore assuming that many of our suppliers are experiencing the same sort of pressure which has unfortunately left us in a situation we have never been in before. The country for this month was intended to be something else. We had to source a replacement country on very little notice due to the original country having staffing issues which meant that they would be unable to process our order to meet our time-frames. The replacement country promised that they would be able to meet our target. Unfortunately, this did not happen, and this was the cause of the delay in sending out our August boxes.

This failed promise was only exacerbated by the fact that when we received the delayed stock this week, we were missing all stock for one of the items. Due to “an oversight” this item was not sent, and very little remorse was given. This placed us in a bit of a predicament, especially with the boxes already late. We know that there was never going to be a solution that pleased everyone however these are the steps we have taken:

We do not know whether we will be receiving the stock for this missing item. Despite having paid upfront for these items, the relationship is severely strained and the cost alone in re-sending out this individual item would make this uneconomical.

We are therefore giving all customers a voucher for our shop which will for the mostpart, buy at least 2 biscuits to replace the 1 missing one in this month’s box with. Please check your emails for details on this.

Once again, a MASSIVE apology. We are trying our best to put this right, but for any questions please let us know.

Fraser McIntyre

Fraser McIntyre

Managing Director at The Biscuit Baron Drink of Choice: Strong Black Tea, 1 Sugar and a splash of milk Favourite Biscuit: Lemon Grisbi's from our Italian Box! mmmmm.....